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SEO Strategies for marketing your business without social media an interview with Robyn Graham

business development business growth podcast podcast interview results and referrals women entrepreneurs Jun 26, 2024
Molly Claire interviewed Robyn Graham about SEO strategies for marketing your business without social media. On the podcast graphic are two side by side images, one is of Molly in a light blue button down top that is rolled up to her elbows, Molly is making a heart shape with her hands and smiling. The other photo is of Robyn who is wearing a hat and a seafoam green top, she has her head resting on her clasped hands under her chin and is smiling. There is the podcast logo at the top of the page and the title of the episode below the two pictures.

By focusing on clarity, purpose, and genuine connections, you can create a sustainable and rewarding business model that doesn't hinge on social media.


The Myth of Social Media as an necessity

A common misconception is that businesses must be active on social media to succeed. Robyn shared that many multi-million dollar businesses thrive without a robust social media presence, focusing instead on building a strong foundation. Building a solid foundation is invaluable to your business success.

Building a Solid Foundation using SEO Strategies

A solid business foundation begins with a personal brand. By being distinct and clear about who you are and the results you can deliver, you set yourself up for sustainable business success.

A business foundation needs

  1. an optimized website
  2. an engaged email list

Unlike what you post on social media platforms, you have complete control over these elements, which are up to the platform's discretion.

Clarity and Client Connection

When you want to attract your ideal or soulmate clients, you must be extremely clear on what you provide and who you are there to help. Robyn describes these as soulmate clients - clients with whom you share a deep and meaningful connection, leading to better results and long-term relationships. Unlike the superficial connections often formed on social media, soulmate clients are those who truly understand your value and are aligned with your mission.

Authenticity and Differentiation

Being on social media can often lead to comparison and even trying to mimic others' successful strategies. You must avoid mimicking others to be authentic and connect with your soulmate clients. Your authenticity will attract your soulmate clients and differentiate you from others in your field. It also helps eliminate the feelings of doubt and imposter syndrome that often come from comparing oneself to others on social media.

Trust and Mutual Respect

In discussing client relationships, Robyn emphasized the significance of mutual trust and respect. It's not enough for clients to trust you; you must also trust them to take your advice and implement your strategies. This mutual respect fosters a collaborative environment where you and your clients can thrive.


Focus on service, Not Sales

One of the most profound takeaways from our talk was the reminder to lead with service. When you focus on genuinely helping your clients and solving their problems, sales will naturally follow. Robyn and I both agreed that results drive referrals, and delivering exceptional value creates a ripple effect that can sustain business growth far better than any social media post ever could.


SEO Strategies: A Tip from Robyn

Ensure that you have a photograph of yourself on your homepage, on your About page, and sprinkled throughout your website. On those images, include alt text. Alt text is for nonsighted people to understand what is on an image, and it is search engine optimized. You can include your name, title, and whoever is in your niche. Add those keywords and key phrases for your images because that will help Google see who you are, what you do, and how you do it, and then show you to more people.

About Robyn 

Dr. Robyn Graham is the founder and owner of Robyn Graham, LLC, and the creator of the Purpose to Results™- Success without Social Method. With an emphasis on mindset, strategy, and action, she helps small business owners and entrepreneurs, especially those in the health and wellness industry, health coaches, life coaches, and creatives, start and grow sustainable businesses and have a meaningful impact without being chained to social media.

Robyn offers one-stop business growth coaching. She helps her clients achieve clarity and confidence, build a personal brand, create and implement sustainable brand marketing strategies, simplify and streamline their businesses, and take effective action to build a solid foundation for sustainable success and a lifetime of limitless earning potential.

She is the host of a globally acclaimed podcast – The Robyn Graham Show, and the best-selling author of You, Me, and Anxiety: Take Action Over Anxiety to Enjoy Being You, in which she shares her life-long journey with anxiety to help others navigate anxiety to live a joyful, peaceful, purposeful life.

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