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Strategies to expand your coaching toolbox with Brenda Lomeli

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Molly Claire interviewed Brenda Lomelli about adding to your coaching toolbox to better serve your clients. On the podcast graphic are two side by side images, one is of Molly in a light blue button down top that is rolled up to her elbows, Molly is making a heart shape with her hands and smiling. The other photo is of Brenda who is wearing a 1 sleeved white top, she has her head tilted to the right and is smiling. There is the podcast logo at the top of the page and the title of the episode below the two pictures.

Adding to your coaching toolbox is essential.

If you are a coach committed to helping your clients, you must also be committed to personal growth. As you continue to grow, you learn new skills and modalities to add to your coaching toolbox, which will benefit you and your clients.

How can you add to your coaching toolbox?

Building trust with your clients and adding your uniqueness to their coaching experience is why they came to see you. Don't overlook your personal gifts and how impactful those are to your soulmate clients.

Expanding and shifting your skillsets to best serve your clients

Part of adding to your coaching toolbox and being an impactful coach is being in tune with your client's needs. Checking in with your clients and looking for what needs to be addressed so you can bridge that gap and meet their needs is invaluable to your effectiveness as a coach. You are in this field because you believe in what you do, and you not only care about your clients but are devoted to their success.

Remember to stay in tune with your clients, look for what is needed, and then find a way to bridge that gap, whether that means searching for a new modality or shifting your perspective and adding to what is already in place.

Teach what you believe in and have experienced.

One of the things Brenda deeply believes in is to teach what you know. When working with clients, she looks at them and her own journey and growth and asks herself, How can I learn and grow to find the right tool if I do not have the tools to support this particular client?

Part of delivering the best service for your clients is your investment in their personal growth and being committed to growing so that you can help find the right tools to support them along their journey.

Adding self-care tools to your coaching toolbox

Most entrepreneurs have learned to work hard and hustle to get their businesses off the ground. However, it is just as important to learn self-care habits to prevent overexhaustion or burnout. Working hard is wonderful, but not when you do it at your own expense.

Learning to listen to your body and when you need rest and honoring that is an invaluable skill. There is always a list of one million things that need to be done—that list never ends—but it does not all need to be fixed today. Honor when you need to rest, and you, too, just might find that you are able to have your best thinking and coaching once you are rested.

Instead of asking, have I worked hard enough to rest? Ask, have I rested enough to work hard? Apply the tools you offer to clients to yourself first, and make sure you take time to rest.

About Brenda Lomeli

Brenda Lomeli is a Master Life Coach. Creator of The Last 10 Method and very proud Latina-preneur. Her career as a life-coach has been focused on helping equip women to be DONE struggling with weight and food.

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