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Supercharge your coaching skills with Molly Claire

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Molly Claire talked about her mastering your coaching intensive to advance your coaching skills. ON the podcast graphics there is a photo of Molly on the right side wearing a light blue shirt with ruffles , she is looking at the camera and smiling. On the left side of the graphic is the podcast logo with the podcast title beneath.

Supercharge Your Coaching Skills

To advance your coaching skills and truly excel as a coach, you must view and understand your clients as whole people. Integrating cognitive, emotional, and nervous system awareness methods allows you to adjust your approach fluidly based on your clients' needs. This adaptability ensures smoother sessions and enables you to guide clients intuitively and effectively.

Why Advanced Coaching Skills Matter

As coaches, we are passionate about providing exceptional experiences for our clients. For those dedicated to transformational change, safety, and ethics, enhancing your coaching skills is paramount. This workshop series is designed for you.

The Essentials of Advanced Coaching Skills: 4 Fundamentals discussed in the Intensive

Advanced Cognitive Coaching

My foundational training was through the Life Coach School, where I mastered the cognitive coaching model. Cognitive approaches are incredibly effective yet not holistic. My experience with cognitive coaching showed that it could only go so far. Cognitive coaching is excellent for mindset work, but the emotional and physical aspects that also affect our clients need to be addressed.

Emotion-Focused Modalities

Emotions and past traumas are stored in the body, affecting our clients deeply. Solely relying on cognitive approaches might not only be ineffective but detrimental. Embracing emotion-focused modalities ensures that we address these emotional blocks. Combining cognitive strategies with emotion-focused ones can supercharge your ability to help clients create lasting change.

Understanding the Nervous System

Nervous system awareness is critical for advancing your coaching skills. Your clients might experience fight-or-flight responses in coaching sessions or in their daily lives. Knowing how to help your clients understand and manage their nervous systems can vastly improve the effectiveness of your coaching. If a client continually has a stress response in specific situations, your interventions must address this underlying activation to facilitate true change.

Action-Focused Strategies

Finally, many coaching programs emphasize action plans. While structured actions are beneficial, they often fail when clients have underlying emotional blocks or conflicting beliefs. A comprehensive understanding of your client's emotional states and beliefs allows you to tailor action plans that align with their unique situation, removing friction and fostering real progress.

Why This Training Series?

The "Master Your Coaching" four-part training series provides advanced insights into these essential areas. It's available for just $197 and includes four high-level training videos. Here's a breakdown of what you can expect:

  • In-Depth Training Videos: Each video focuses on one of the four key areas: cognitive coaching, emotion-focused work, nervous system awareness, and action-based strategies. These videos are designed to be informative and practical, offering specific hands-on activities that you can immediately apply in your coaching practice.
  • Interactive Success Guides: Each training video comes with an interactive success guide. These guides will help you follow along, take notes, and truly engage with the content. They bring a more personal touch, making it feel like we're working together through these strategies.
  • Bonus Case Study Videos: The series includes bonus case study video clips from actual calls from my master coach training sessions. You'll see real-life examples of client situations where we dig deep into the challenges and work through diagnosing and solving them. These case studies offer invaluable insights and practical knowledge on applying the learned concepts effectively.

The Magic of Whole-Person Coaching

Imagine beginning a coaching session and knowing exactly where to guide your client, seamlessly flowing between cognitive, emotional, and nervous system approaches. This is what the whole-person coaching model aims to achieve. You will develop the intuition and expertise needed to easily navigate complex client needs, making your sessions more effective and your outcomes more impactful.

Master Your Coaching Skills Intensive

Coaching is more than a profession; it's a calling to help people transform their lives. This on-demand "Master Your Coaching" training series allows you to enhance your coaching skills and provide even greater value to your clients. By embracing and integrating cognitive, emotional, nervous system, and action-focused approaches, you will become a more versatile and effective coach.

So, are you ready to supercharge your coaching skills? Please click here to enroll in this affordable and comprehensive training series. For just $197, you will access groundbreaking insights, practical tools, interactive guides, and bonus case study videos that will elevate your coaching practice to new heights.

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