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Unleash Your Inner Potential, An Interview with Career and Life Coach Jenny Larsen

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In this inspiring episode of The Masterful Coach, host Molly Claire digs into the heart of what it means to achieve excellence in coaching. With the expertise of guest Jenny Larsen, listeners are provided with invaluable insights into how to elevate their coaching craft to transform lives.

Jenny, a well-accomplished career coach with an extensive background in career aptitude testing and life coaching, brings to the table her passion for guiding clients—students and adults alike—toward fulfilling careers. She lays out the significance of specialized training and certifications, illustrating how such expertise can exponentially increase the effectiveness of coaching services offered.

Throughout the episode, Molly and Jenny discuss how coaches can offer superior service that not only ensures client satisfaction but also encourages invaluable referrals. They delve into the importance of understanding the complete picture of a client's needs—not just from a career perspective but encompassing emotional and cognitive aspects as well. Jenny shares how her comprehensive approach, including the use of aptitude tests has been transformative for her clients.

Listeners are taken through a journey of self-improvement and are shown the rewards of continuous learning. The conversation highlights the synergy between various coaching methods and the science behind aptitude tests. Jenny emphasizes how having a deep-rooted knowledge in these areas can lead to more targeted and personalized coaching.

Finally, the episode wraps up with exciting news from Molly about her affordable master coaching intensive—a series that promises to fine-tune basic coaching skills over four master classes.

Don't forget, for those eager to discover practical steps to a career you love, or to unlock your unique contribution style, Jenny offers some exciting freebies on her website for you to grab. Dive deep into excellence with us on this episode of The Masterful Coach.

"Coaching is an art, and with the right tools and a nimble approach, we can create profound shifts for our clients."

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Full Episode Transcript:

Intro: Welcome to The Masterful Coach podcast with Molly Claire. If you're a coach, who's ready to impact more lives, make more money and create a life you love, you're in exactly the right place. Get the support you deserve as a female entrepreneur, master your coaching skills, grow your ideal business, and to honor your priorities in your personal life.

Are you in? Let's get started with your host, best selling author, and master life and business coach, Molly Claire.

Molly Claire: Hey coaches, today we are talking about excellence in coaching. Truly, hopefully an inspirational episode to help you be the very best at what you do with your clients. The interview today is with Jenny Larson. She is a career coach and let me tell you, she is the real deal. Jenny did advanced certification with me.

She's also in my master coach training program right now and as you will soon find out, Jenny has truly taken the time to educate herself and become the best at what she does. She has a master's degree and is credentialed in many specialized testing options. So she is an a career aptitude testing specialist.

And one of the things that I love about Jenny is her passion for the work that she does. She truly believes that - and not just believes it, but has experienced that - when she works with her clients, both students and adults to help them find out where they will succeed, where they will have the most joy in their career path, not only does it accelerate their growth and progress down a certain career path, but she is also able to help them to actually thrive in that career to the best possible scenario. So I'm really excited about this interview.

Really quick, huge news. I'm super excited about this. Now, listen, I have never done anything that is this ridiculously low in cost.

If you go to right now, you will find a link to sign up for a Master Your Coaching intensive. It is $197. I am going to be teaching you four masterclasses. Four weeks in a row. Master Your Coaching intensive. We're going to talk about some of the basic skills that you need to hone in and really expand to be a phenomenal coach. So check that out.

And now here we go. Let's talk to Jenny Larson.

All right, coaches. I am so happy to bring you the amazing Jenny Larson. Jenny, how are you?

Jenny Larsen: I am great. I'm so happy to be here today with you.

Molly Claire: Good. Oh my gosh. So, you know, here we are. We're talking about why excellence matters, excellent coaching. Really, doing what you do with your clients so well. And I think this is such a big deal because, and I, we're going to dive into Jenny and her expertise, you're going to learn from her in just a second here, but I think this matters so much because when you can deliver superior service to your clients that actually helps and gets results, results get referrals.

That's when you have a business that is, you know, it's kind of building itself based on service and results and reputation. And I think especially having those skills that distinguish you and set you apart as being able to do the best job possible for your clients. It just matters. It's a differentiator. So it matters for sure.

And I mean, I know you, Jenny. If you all could see her, she's nodding her head. Jenny knows this, and you're going to find out a little, pretty soon here about just the, the ways that you've enhanced your skills, which is super exciting, Jenny. So,

Jenny Larsen: Well, I, you know, I think it really does make a difference and I've loved just continually improving in all the different areas. So I can really help my clients to the best extent possible.

Molly Claire: Yes. So, of course, so, Jenny, of course, you help young adults, adults, really with, tell me, what would your simple way of describing what you do be? Career coach?

Jenny Larsen: I am. I'm definitely a career coach. I'm a life coach. I'm a certified life coach too, but I'm an aptitude testing specialist. So that's what makes me a little bit different than most coaches. I'm certified in different really in-depth assessments, but especially this aptitude battery that I'm a huge believer in called the High Lens Ability Battery.

So it objectively tells my clients and me, how they're wired, how their brain's wired. And so they don't answer questions about themselves. They perform little puzzles, officially they're called work samples. And how they do those little puzzles, tell us how their brain's wired, but they're naturally gifted to do.

And so they can, it really gives us a lot of great objective direction about what they're going to love and what their religious prayers that are going to be the best fit for them.

Molly Claire: Yeah, it's like, you helping students, young adults, adults, like, discover really their ideal career path is based on science, is based on looking at their brain, is looking at what comes easily and naturally to them. It's like, and as you're, you know, as we're talking about this, I'm thinking, well, imagine all the years of torture saved when you can find out ahead of time.

'Hey, I would naturally love and enjoy this.' I don't need to go follow a career path I think I'm supposed to do, only to end up trying to start over later.

Jenny Larsen: Exactly, it's just it's really very proactive and, you know, cutting off a lot of depression and anxiety and things like that down the line. And it also gives us great information about how to do what you're doing more effectively, like, utilizing your natural bit in order to be the very best coach you can be, in order to be the best accountant you can be, or whatever you're doing.

So it's, you know, and then also in relationships, just knowing yourself, having that self knowledge is incredibly impactful in so many different ways. But definitely in finding your ideal career path and not having to do the trial and error thing in college and dropping classes and all of that, or, or being stuck in a career that you hate.

Molly Claire: Oh, I mean, that's so cool to think about. So not only, you know, people, and for those of you listening, any of you, if you would want guidance with this or anyone, you know, that's wanting to figure out like, what am I going to do? I know for me, like having, you know, a 21 year old and a 19 year old, it's like, it's, it's the big question, right?

And I love that you pointed out that not only is this finding that career path they would love, but also helping them to be the best at it that they can be. To actually do it in a way where they can do it well and be satisfied and thinking about how the knowledge you're giving them spills over into relationships and other areas of their lives, because they can understand how they naturally do things and use that to their benefit.

Jenny Larsen: Right, exactly. And then conversely, understanding why their spouse or their significant other is doing things the way they are, for parents to understand their kids, like what their natural bent is and why they're going to, you know, react. So it's just, it's. It's super impactful. I wish everybody had the benefit of this knowledge.

So I love what I do and I'm just, I feel like the luckiest person out there that I get to work with my clients.

Molly Claire: So I just, I love that. Okay. So, so something I want to ask you. So obviously you help, you help people find their ideal career path, do well at it. You go along with what they're naturally gifted at. And you mentioned the aptitude testing, but I also happen to know, Jenny, that you have a lot of training and a lot of specialty training. So I want you to tell me about it.

I want you, I want to know what are, I know this can be uncomfortable, right? To say I have this and this and this, but, I mean, I think it's important, right? That the distinct, the training you have really makes a difference in how you're able to do this well.

Jenny Larsen: It does, and it really is so important to me that I am excellent at what I do, and that I am an expert in all the different assessments that I administer. I have my master's degree. I started out thinking I was going to be a counselor. I went to Dallas Theological Seminary for my master's and biblical studies with a focus in counseling.

And then through the years to kind of accompany it, convoluted way with the different kids we had, in the way that our family was constructed, that I just went into this specialty. And so I have really in depth training as a career development specialist. I'm a master career specialist. So all the, you know, the resumes and all of them moving forward, the practical aspects of career development, but also in all the assessments, the strong interest inventory, the Myers Briggs type indicator, it just kind of goes on and on.

And then when I added in the life coach training, because I was seeing some of my clients weren't moving forward very effectively, I gave them this great input. We had a great direction for them, but things were holding them back.

And so then I went and started getting my specialty certifications regarding the life coach world. So that has been super helpful. And that's how I got into your world and you helped me so much there too. And our kind of approaches so aligned because I am really focused on looking at people holistically, kind of who they are as full people.

And so your master coach training with that emphasis, it's just been the best in helping me really move forward.

Molly Claire: Oh my. Okay. So I want to, I want to just like pause and highlight a few things. One is, I love that the trainings that you have, you mentioned several of them, right? And I know many of these are like the gold standard and in the best, right? The Myers Briggs, yeah. The MBTI, the Myers Briggs strong interest inventory is the gold standard.

And then, I mean, if you all knew, I just have this list of things that you specialize in. And with everything that you have learned how to do with actually helping people find their career, you have learned as much as you possibly can, and made sure that you can be effective with your clients.

Jenny Larsen: 100 percent like, I don't just have the knowledge and the ability to purchase these instruments, that I'm actually an expert in them. And I've had hours and hours and hours of training in them. And so, like, the Myers Briggs type indicator is really misunderstood because it's so out there. But when it's used correctly, there's nothing like it. It's just, but there's a lot of nuance to it.

And so, and not that many people are that schooled in it. But that's important to me that I just really want to do the very best by my clients possible.

Molly Claire: I think that's so important because like many people have heard of that, right? And there's little quizzes you can take online, but there's a difference between knowing something about it and actually knowing how to do it well so it's effective and efficient.

Jenny Larsen: Exactly. That is totally the case. Yes. So many nuances and little ins and outs and when it, you know, how it's supposed to be used, when it's supposed to be used and what different contexts and, and all of that. So yeah,

Molly Claire: Okay. So, so we have this. So here, Jenny is right. She has gone above and beyond, learning exactly how she can give me, as effective as possible in terms of this stuff, the testing and looking at the brain and all those kinds of things. And I love that, you know, here, Jenny is mentioning and acknowledging that the coaching space and understanding, you know, more about mindset and all of that.

And of course, everything we've added matters, right? Because you can have the training and the science and the tests, but you needed this other piece to help move your clients forward, which I love.

Jenny Larsen: Exactly. Some take off running and go for it. They just needed a direction to go in. But so many others of us have been battered around by life and, you know, that we're caught with some different false beliefs and we could go on and on.

And so it really helps me, you know, look at my clients and where they are and what they need, to help them really move forward so they can create the ideal career and life for themselves as individuals.

Molly Claire: Yes. Oh my gosh. Okay. So, as, as Jenny mentioned, of course, you did my advanced certification and you're in Master Coach Training now, which is a holistic view, right? And I love that.

Jenny said this aligns, those of you listening, you know, and what I do is I help my clients, my coaches, coaches like you, look at the whole picture of your client, right?

Cognition, the emotion, being aware of the nervous system, understanding effective action, focus strategies. Because we can give people actions that they have to be effective, right? So it's that whole view. And, and I love this, Jenny, that you're offering up too, as you're working with people, to find their ideal career path and move along.

You're looking at the whole picture of the person in front of you and the specific things your individual clients need to move forward so you can personalize it.

Jenny Larsen: Yes, exactly. I mean, that's what really sets it apart. There's not- cookie cutter strategies never are as effective as when they're able to be really personalized and look at the holistic individual.

Molly Claire: So I, and I'd love to hear you speak to, so some of the work we've done in, in Master Coach Training and adding the different modalities. What, I mean, I know this is like a big question, but what are some of the things in the work we've done together that have really helped you to move your clients forward more effectively?

Jenny Larsen: Oh, there are so many little, little aspects and tweaks that have been so great. But just really examining, and how to kind of get some wiggle room in their thoughts, and the way that you can approach it in a way that is going to be really accessible to that person where they won't get their hackles up in any way. You know, my mom would say.

But where they're able, where you can get some wiggle room and where they feel really loved and supported and not attacked in any way, and kind of approaching it so many different ways. You are masterful and kind of like the different questions you ask. And how you approach and look from all different sides of an angle.

And I think so much of the time we can get caught in a single mindset or think it's just kind of a fact. And this is the way it is into how you can get that freedom there. And then to really look in and identify when there's kind of an emotional block, and when it is just purely mindset and when they need a quick win in order to help them believe and to move forward.

And so I just love that kind of that ability that you are teaching us to kind of move and to shift and be really nimble when you're working with your clients, to meet them where they are and really believe in them and develop that relationship with them.

Molly Claire: Yes. Oh my gosh. I love that word nimble, right? It's so true because I think when you, as a coach, can understand these different pieces and parts of your client and how to kind of artfully navigate something, right? Yes. Because like-

So one of the things I want to kind of break this apart, what Jenny just said. So one is that you mentioned the thought work, right? Thought work, mindset work, and knowing how, like we all know, we all know the value of mindset and looking at thoughts and beliefs. And if we're approaching it in a way that is not connecting with our client, it just doesn't do any good, right? It frustrates the client. They don't have any wiggle room and it's just not useful.

And so, so that was one thing that you just pointed out that I want to highlight for everyone. It's like, thought work, mindset work, belief work done well means that you are able to use it in a nuanced way, and actually create openings for your clients rather than beating a dead horse. Creating that opening that allows this kind of beautiful, natural shift for them in mindset, right?

Jenny Larsen: Yes, exactly. Right. And it is, it is an art. It's, you know, it's always that kind of the mix and being able to so skillfully and nimbly use these great tools that we have. But without the nuance, they're not nearly as effective.

Molly Claire: Oh my gosh. Right. They're just, they're not as effective. And sometimes they can be detrimental, which is a whole other episode.

Jenny Larsen: Right. Yes, for sure.

Molly Claire: There's that, right. And then the other thing you mentioned is knowing when it's an emotional piece, because, like those of you listening, you know, if you're a very cognitive coach, if you're beating the cognitive approach dead horse, like, and if there is an emotional need, you are missing the mark. And really, I think it can create a negative experience for your clients.

Don't you think? Yeah.

Jenny Larsen: Oh, 100%. I mean, there's a block there for a reason and when we can bring the curiosity and bring in some other tools to kind of help it, they feel so much more supported and you know, and they get true, genuine help to move forward.

Molly Claire: I mean, and as you're talking and I'm thinking about your ideal clients here, they are trying to make a decision about career that can bring up a lot of feelings. That's a very big decision for people.

Jenny Larsen: Exactly

Molly Claire: So what a gift that you're able to bring in this multifaceted approach where you're looking at the whole of them and really helping them to feel so so supported. Like, what a huge gift for them.

Jenny Larsen: Right. Exactly. It's such a time of transition. And it triggers a lot of fears and insecurities for most people when they're in that stage, so

Molly Claire: Yeah. Oh my gosh. Okay. And so then the other thing that Jenny mentioned that you may have heard is this idea of quick wins and actions, right? Which I speak, I talk about this all the time when we're talking about advanced coaching. We're not only talking about how to handle the stuff underneath the emotions and thoughts, but also how actions and some quick wins done well can make huge shifts for people really quickly and they also can tap into the emotional and cognitive things that need to be attended to.

Jenny Larsen: It just gives them the belief that they really can change to. Do you know what I'm saying? So it brings a whole different level of belief and engagement in the process. When they start to see some movement

Molly Claire: Yes. Oh my gosh. Okay. So let's just, so thinking about this, you know, here Jenny is helping people to find their ideal career path move forward. And what a gift to your clients that you are so skilled in the tests and the assessments that you know that they need. You've taken the time and effort to understand at a deep level, the cognition and the mindset, understanding where emotion work fits in, understanding how to be effective with actions.

And really, I mean, you're just offering your clients this opportunity to you just like scoop them up. 'Let me help you. Let's figure out what you need and how you need, how you will be most effective.' And you're really setting them up to create a life that is more satisfying for them longterm, where they can meet their goals more easily.

Jenny Larsen: 100%. And so, and I think for like the parents who are bringing their teenagers and their young adults to see that typically there's some level of concern, you know, for their child. That they want their child to be successful and to set them up for something that they're not only going to be able to provide for themselves for, but they're going to love what they do and they're going to be successful their whole life. And however that looks for them.

So everybody has a different level of success, but it's just, I feel so honored that I get a little window into their lives and and can help set them up in a way that will really impact the whole course of their life in so many cases.

Molly Claire: I mean, it's such a big deal, right? I think about it as knowing my experience of that as a mom. And I think it's a place where a lot of parents struggle. Because we all want to help our kids succeed and we just, and so many times we don't even know where to begin, right?

So the fact that you offer this service that is so supportive, so gentle, and so effective and clear and really gives them answers. I mean, it just, it seems like it reminds me of one of those things. It's like a simple box that you can check, right? Because when, when they do this work with you, it's like they have the answers. They can find them. They have the path and oh my gosh, that checked box is going to pay them back tenfold in their lifetime.

Jenny Larsen: 100%. It really is. And it just gives them such insight and understand their child. I mean, parents want to support their kids in the way that's best for their child, but so often they think differently than we do. And, you know, it's like, we don't assist them, especially as they get older. We're aware that how we would respond isn't not like how they're going to respond, but you don't really, it's just complicated.

And so this gives them a wealth of insight into them and for the child to have it in themselves that they then can take into their future relationships, whether they're in the workplace or in their personal life.

Molly Claire: Oh my gosh, I love it. Okay. Jenny, in just a minute, I want you to share like any, any final words to the people that may want to work with you and also tell people how they can find you.

And so before I go there, I just want to highlight a few things for all of you. In terms of excellence and in terms of your coaching, make sure that you have the knowledge and information that you need to serve your clients well. Make sure that you are investing in continuing to understand the whole person in front of you, when it comes to your clients, so that you can be effective.

I genuinely believe that as coaches, we are brought to this work because we know we have something to give to help other people. And I think that when we can continue to focus on on delivering that transformation and being prepared to do it, it allows us to stay in alignment with our mission and then the business stuff can work itself out. And and so keeping that in the forefront of our mind is everything.

Before I go back to Jenny, a couple of things. First of all, of course, any of you that would- I'm ready to schedule with you after this. I'm like, I don't see a new career, but I'm like, I mean, honestly, because it seems like this would be so helpful for really everyone to understand this about themselves.

So, but those of you listening, if you know someone, or you would like this guidance, Jenny is the person to do it with. She is so skilled. She's so masterful and she has the tools for sure. Those of you that are interested also in expanding your skills in terms of the coaching piece, of course Master Coach Training is open for enrollment.

That is the place to do it. I, I just, I can't say enough good things about it. And yeah, let's just tell everyone, Jenny, tell any last parting words and where can they find you?

Jenny Larsen: They can- and, well, first of all - totally agree. Master coach training. You need to do it. No hesitations. It's worth it. A thousand fold.

Molly Claire: It is like, it's my favorite hour of the week. I get so excited. So excited. And then it's like, you know, we do like the case study calls and I mean, you know, Jenny, because you're there with me and you can see, I'm just like, I just love it. It's such a beautiful thing because there are so many connections being made in everyone's mind about how things fit together.

It's like the best high ever, right?

Jenny Larsen: It is the best and I love it. I mean, you love what you do like I love what I do. I mean, and what a privilege to be in that. It is just just totally contagious. Yes. So I, I mean, I just can't imagine not doing this. I've been in practice for 13 years and adore it. And my excitement doesn't dim at all. I just keep wanting to grow and get better.

But they can find me on my website, which is 210 So the '210' is from Ephesians 2:10. People ask me that all the time, which is the verse in the Bible that says that we are God's workmanship. And so that is, that's kind of the foundation of my practice. And just really helping people to understand how they're uniquely designed and wired and then to move forward with that.

So it's So I'm also on Instagram, you know, they can always contact me through there too and Facebook, but primarily through my website. And I would love for them to reach out. I have a couple of freebies. One aimed for students and their parents. Five steps to a road map. A five step road map to the career you love.

And the one for kind of a more for empty nest moms are looking to find,an area of contribution or a career they'll love,.Now that their kids are launched, they want something for them that helps you identify your contribution style. So you can get those from my website too.

Molly Claire: So perfect. And we have this in the show notes as well, so people can find it there, but Jenny, thank you so much for being here and well, thank you for having me.

Jenny Larsen: Totally. My pleasure.

Molly Claire: Oh, it's great. You provide such an important service, I think. And you're just such an example of, of doing it well. So thank you.

So thanks so much, Molly. All right. I'll talk with y'all next week.

Intro: Thanks for listening to The Masterful Coach podcast. Are you ready to build your amazing business with Molly as your coach? Check out to find out about Masterful Coach Foundations and the 10K accelerator method. It's the ultimate support for you as a coach building your ideal life and business.