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When your client is stuck: Breathwork: An Interview with Elisa Fucci

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In this episode of The Masterful Coach Podcast, Molly Claire invites Elisa Fucci, a relationship life coach and breathwork facilitator, to share her expertise in breathwork and its transformative impact on coaching. Molly introduces the recent opening of enrollment for the Master Coach Training program and stresses the importance of continuously expanding coaching skills to effectively support clients and build a successful business.

Elisa Fucci explains her journey with breathwork, highlighting its unique and powerful ability to help clients release emotions and limiting beliefs. She emphasizes the importance of understanding different client entry points and explains that breathwork serves as a deep cleaning for the brain, offering immediate and impactful results. Molly and Elisa discuss personal experiences and stories of clients who have benefited from breathwork, ranging from finding emotional clarity to physical pain relief.

During the conversation, Elisa delves into the details of her breathwork approach, emphasizing the significance of tailoring the sessions to address specific emotional blocks and guiding clients through the experience. Molly also expresses her amazement at the profound effect of Elisa's breathwork, recounting her own experience and the reactions of her master coach group following a session with Elisa.

The episode concludes with Elisa sharing how to connect with her to explore breathwork as a tool for personal or professional development.

Listeners are left with a deep appreciation for the profound impact of breathwork in coaching and are encouraged to consider its potential to enhance their coaching and personal development practices.

"Because you are at a self-hypnosis state, you're more vulnerable and susceptible to listening and changing your thoughts and releasing them. That's why it's so powerful and effective."

Guest Bio

Elisa Fucci is a renowned motivational speaker, Podcast host of The Elisa Fucci Show, and an internationally acclaimed best-selling author. She is also a skilled relationship life coach and a certified BreathWork Detox facilitator. Elisa specializes in empowering women to break free from recurring painful relationship patterns, facilitating heart healing, and teaching effective communication skills. Additionally, she offers practical strategies to rebuild connection and nurture relationship resilience.

Instagram: @elisa-fucci_coaching

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Full Episode Transcript:

Intro: Welcome to The Masterful Coach podcast with Molly Claire. If you're a coach, who's ready to impact more lives, make more money and create a life you love you're in exactly the right place. Get the support you deserve as a female entrepreneur, master your coaching skills, grow your ideal business and to honor your priorities in your personal life.

Are you in? Let's get started with your host, bestselling author, and master life and business coach, Molly Claire.

Molly Claire: Hey coaches, I am so excited to be here with you. We've been taking a bit of a break from producing the podcast and I'm going to tell you why in just a minute.

Today's episode is phenomenal. I've got Elisa Fucci here with you. She is masterful at breath work, which is what she brings as part of her coaching program. You're going to hear from her how her breath work is different. And in fact, I'm sharing a little bit about my experience of having her teach in my master coach training and what my coaches experienced and also what I personally experienced. So she's phenomenal. You're going to love her energy. And so get ready.

Now, the break that we've been taking, here's what is happening. I am so thrilled to tell all of you that you can now apply for the next round of Master Coach Training. We are enrolling now. You get bonus access to some extra calls this spring with your core curriculum beginning in the fall. Holistic master coach training, just to recap, is really an opportunity for you to take the coaching skills you have and not only to improve them, master them, but to expand the work you do.

I am a firm believer that if you want to stand out as a coach and really have a viable business, you've got to stay on top of what is working, what is happening, you've got to stand out as a coach, and part of this means truly being effective with your clients. All of your clients are going to have different points of entry that work for them, whether that is a cognitive approach, emotional work. You've got to understand what's going on with your client's nervous system. You need to be aware of certain things when it comes to trauma that your clients may have. All of these things are covered in Master Coach training.

The program is phenomenal. I'm going to be talking more about it, but I just want all of you to know, Enrollment is open. So if you have been thinking about it, now's the time you can go to and there you will find the opportunity to apply for Master Coach Training. I am reviewing every application personally. This program is, it's key in supporting you personally as you build your business and your skills.

It is set up to help you with that skill mastery and expansion and also supporting you in moving forward a simple, profitable business model. So we have been getting ready for you and I cannot wait to welcome you all there.

One more quick announcement before we dive into this episode is there is a free webinar coming up. Go to my website, click on 'Free webinar' or check the show notes here. I'm going to be talking about how to be a better coach, and four of the fundamentals that will allow you to be more effective and stand out in the work that you are doing.

All right, coach, let's dive into this interview. You're going to love it.

All right. Oh, I'm so excited to have you here. Welcome Elisa.

Elisa Fucci: Thank you, Molly. Thank you for having me.

Molly Claire: This is great. So, Elisa and I connected because she saw that I was offering Master Coach Training, and of course, master coach training is about really expanding coach's skills, helping them to be able to be effective, right? Because we all know that thought work is great. Emotion work is great. Strategy is great.

But when we can bring them all together and we can really identify the things that we're not doing with our clients that will make the difference, it's everything, right? And so, so anyway, of course, at least it was so cool because she saw holistic master coach training and she reached out and said, "You need breath work and I am the one to do it." So, which I love. So tell everyone, who are you? What do you do?

Elisa Fucci: Oh, thank you. Yes. I'm Elisa Fucci, I'm originally from Argentina, hence the little accent in there. I consider myself an American with an accent, but anyway, again, I'm a relationship life coach, breathwork facilitator. I am an international bestselling book author. You can't see, but I'm pointing to my book in the back.

It was right next to Matthew McConaughey's like book. So I'm like, yes, I took a screenshot because I wanted to be like, have that moment.

Yes, the book is called Unleash Her, and it was an amazing collaboration with 28 other women on the power of unleashing your true identity. So that was an amazing experience.

I help women with their relationships to let go of the limiting beliefs that are holding them back so they can be true, happy in their relationships without waiting for their husbands to change or circumstances to change. That is my passion because it's so close to me and I believe that no matter how successful and how many things we do as coaches, if our marriages or our relationships are struggling, it's like a cloud that follows us everywhere.

It's because we're human beings that like to be connected. We crave that connection. I think it's so important. So I feel like the relationships are the foundation to having and being successful as coaches. So that's why I want to like target the root of the problem.

Molly Claire: I mean, and it's really true because I've definitely experienced, I think there are a lot of things we can do to compartmentalize, right, in our life and business. And, and I mean, it's not to say that everything in our life and relationships has to be perfect to build our business. And it's not something that we, we really want to ignore or avoid because it does impact it. And I love this work and I really want to highlight that, that what Elisa does.

So, well, in addition to all the relationship work she does is this breath work piece that she brings in, and we're going to focus on that today because as I mentioned, of course, you reached out to me and then pretty soon I heard from Andrea, who's one of my friends and colleagues, masterful at what she does and she said, "Molly, you really should talk with her. Because she does phenomenal work with breath work."

So in this episode, we're going to talk about kind of these things and, and help those of you listening to understand a little more about breath work and what it is. And definitely at the end also, she's going to say how you can reach out to her. Because all of you coaches, if you're interested in bringing some breath work in hiring her to contribute something like that, she is the one to do it.

So we're, we're going to talk more about that as we go.

Elisa Fucci: Yes, I love, I love this, this work. I love adding breath work to my coaching because I felt like my clients couldn't get so far and I've done therapy. I've done EMDR, I've done tapping, like I've done all the work. Okay. I know the most of the modalities out there, and I wanted to help my clients at a deeper level without having to do all the talk work.

That is when I accidentally bumped into breath work. I mean, it was a friend that, that was part of the book that I was in and she was like, "Do you want to do breath work? I'm, I'm doing a session." And granted, okay, if you have done breath work before, let me tell you, you have never done the type of breathwork I have.

Would you agree, Molly?

Molly Claire: Absolutely. And I'm going to speak to that in a minute. Absolutely. Okay. So, so keep going. I hope you're all listening to this. It's not all the same.

Elisa Fucci: Yeah. So I was getting coached. I had my own private coach and I was still getting like this big roller coasters of emotions. I mean, I know we're entrepreneurs, it's bound to be that way, but we want to be, not so much of like having those high highs and really lows. We want to be able to be at like that like little kid rollercoaster, which is like little bumps ups and down.

And I was not able to get there and I had multiple coaches and I was still struggling. And what helped was going to this breathwork session. And again, I had done it at an event at a networking event, and it actually made me anxious. So I hated it. I was like, "Oh my gosh, no, I don't want to do it."

So again, you have not tried my type of breathwork and I did it. And within the hour, the 45 minutes, I went from feeling super depressed and it like, I had lost my vision of my, of my business I had.

And we, we go through this, especially the first few years, it is like, "Oh, I don't know if I can do this. I don't know if... oh, no, I don't know if I'm good enough. Oh, I'm not getting, making enough sales." Or you have sales and then you stop having sales. And then you start questioning yourself, or your, what you're doing.

I was there and I went from being feeling super depressed and feeling lost to knowing exactly who I was, what I needed to do, having so much energy, clarity, and I was like, whoa. Like, I had never experienced this level of clarity, and knowing, and certainty of myself, of who I was, my purpose that I was like, I need to learn how to do this. My clients. The world needs to know about this because I had not heard about it since that moment.

So it, it's so powerful and impactful and that's why I like combining it with coaching because it unlocks those stubborn limiting beliefs, or those stubborn emotional blocks that we have that keeps us from succeeding, from reaching those people, from standing up, from making those big offers to reaching and talking to people that are way outside of what we normally think we would reach out to. I

mean, hello, I sent an email to Brooke and I'm like, "Brooke, you need to have me and do a breathwork session because you don't know what you're missing."

Molly Claire: Well, I, I love this. And I, what I want to speak to is those of you listening. It's like, you know, as I, as I heard you earlier saying, I wanted something that wasn't the talking piece of it. Right. And this is exactly why I'm so passionate about this work that I am doing with my clients and having practitioners like you here, because all of you coaches is listening, there are so many different points of entry for your clients.

And this is what, one of the things I want you to take away from this episode as you're listening. Each of your clients are going to really resonate with different entry points, which is why you want to be well rounded and why you want to continue to expand your knowledge and understanding. Whether that's learning more modalities, right, or bringing in people to really enhance what you're doing.

But remember, all of you listening, number one, not every client is going to be receptive to the same modalities.

Elisa Fucci: Exactly.

Molly Claire: Make sure that you're continuing to broaden your knowledge so that you are not only not getting stuck, but you're meeting your client where they are and understanding that.

And the other thing I just want to highlight specifically about you here is that what I think is fun is that all of you, as you lean into learning different modalities, you will also, many of you find those that really resonate with you, because I think you have a gift for the breath work that you do.

Elisa Fucci: I do.

Molly Claire: I mean, really, right. And so that's what I love about it. It's like, this is the thing. This is the thing you are called to embrace. And to give. And I'll just tell you all. So Elisa is, she's facilitating breath work as part of our master coach training this year. She already did one, I don't know, a few weeks ago. Oh my gosh, it was unbelievable. And it was, I swear to you, it was serendipitous how it worked out because I had had something shift in the schedule and I thought, "You know what? I wonder if she could do her call at this time."

We connected. It was like the topic was perfect for what you were doing. I brought you in and what seemed accidental ended up being exactly perfect timing. And you know, when she came in and did that session with my master coaches. We were all blown away. We were on zoom. We had our yoga mats. We had our supplies. She prepped us ahead of time, knowing exactly what we needed to do to be ready for it, what to expect. And even what to do after.

And i'm telling you, Elisa, because my master coach group the next day, we had a session with our tapping facilitator, Melanie Faye. And we go there and she could feel, she actually said, "Wow, this breath work was something because everybody had such an experience. So many emotions brought to the surface and move through."

So anyway, I know that was a lot, that was a mouthful, but it was, it was just so cool. And I just think you have a gift for it.

Elisa Fucci: I, I do. I, and I love this. I love that how I fell into this gift and each one of us has something that we're really good at that. We shine.

We might be amazing coaches, but I think bringing in, I think this is why it's, it's amazing, like your holistic certification. What it does, it just allows you to see what you are good at, what you might be really good and shine at that you could not only help yourself as a coach, as a mother, as a wife, but also help your clients, go to deeper levels that they have never been able to go to because of this modalities, this somatic modalities that the talk therapy or, you know, coaching can't get to.

Molly Claire: Yeah. And, you know, that's one of the things because, and of course, I'll just say those of you that are looking at Master Coach Training this next round. They will be on your calls this summer. So you're there, you're doing some more breath work this summer with my master coaches. Oh my gosh. We're all so excited about it.

And now that I really understand what it is and I've experienced it, it's like, I'm really centering some of my activities around it to get the most out of it. So it's really incredible.

And what you said is exactly why, you know, in the master coach training program, I'm kind of, the thread throughout it, and I'm teaching the things that I know how to do well. And that's exactly why I wanted to bring in people right like you, like Krista Saint Germain, Leah Davidson, Lindsay Pullman, Melanie Faye, Mickey Gardner. Because I want my clients, I want my coaches to learn these different modalities and specialties from the best people. So it makes a difference.

So, so yeah, so we all know you obviously have a gift for this. I would love to know, can you think of either a personal story you'd be willing to share or maybe a story of someone you've worked with where this breathwork, like something really specific that it helped them with?

Elisa Fucci: Oh my gosh. Oh, where do I start? I have so many, because I, how I like to explain it is breathwork is like the deep cleaning. It's like the power wash to your brain. Like having a power wash and just like getting rid of everything. It's immediate results that are done like that you get right away.

This is why it's so powerful. The type of breathwork that I do. It is so powerful because it is intense. And I'm sure you,

Molly Claire: It is intense. I'm going to interrupt because I want to ask you something. And when you're saying the type you do, are you speaking specifically to the detox breathwork? Yes. Yes.

Elisa Fucci: So the breathwork detox, it's more of like exercising your nervous system. And what it is, I bring in music to target the emotions that are like hidden, that motivate you, that bringing something that you need to address. And whatever that is, depends on where you're at in your life. Each person will have a different experience.

I have had people that, because they have released those emotions, they're able to tap into their higher self, their spirit, and connect to their loved ones who have passed away and really say their goodbyes. Like emotion, like those deep, deep, like experiences.

I think it's just, breathwork becomes sacred ground for me because of those experiences. People have been able to, like, I have had someone that was trying to go back to religion after having stepped away and she did the breathwork session and it was about self love. But guess what? She was able to, to meet and speak to Jesus. I'm like, oh my gosh, like, I don't deserve knowing this. Like, I feel so honored to be able to hold that spirit. For people to just dump what doesn't belong, like what, like doesn't serve them anymore and actually tap into the frequency of their spirit, to the frequency of, of a higher source.

That's really what breathwork does. It quiets down the brain, quiets your body. But okay, first you have to, like, the body and the mind will fight you. And I warn people, you know, before, I love that you said that because I really like to educate people.

That's another thing that I do personally before breathwork. I like to educate you so you have the best experience possible. So you can, instead of being confused about what you're doing, what you're experiencing, you're actually learning about, learning about your emotions, what you're going to go through, and then it makes the whole process a lot better.

Molly Claire: Yes. Yeah. Yeah.

Elisa Fucci: Just those emotions, like those experiences have been some of the experiences, from people I've had, because you know, we all know. We're coaches. Thoughts like, really determine how we breathe. How? Because our thoughts generate our emotions, and our emotions, each emotion has a different vibration.

Okay? And when we don't, and a different energy. When we don't process those emotions, they get stuck in our bodies and they restrict our breathing. So what we're doing with breath work is releasing those. So then you can feel better, have more energy, and it's just also releases the serotonin. So you're happier, you're clearer thinking.

I've had people that had car accidents that had have gone to multiple PTs and doctors to get rid of the pain, and they couldn't. Years with neck pain because of the car accident, they did breath work and immediately it went away. Because the pain was attached to the emotion that was generated, because of the car accident because of the trauma that happened.

She was able to release that she has not had pain since then. Oh my gosh. It is not just emotional but physical.

Molly Claire: Right. Well, that's right. And it reminds me of an author, Alan Gordon, who talks about chronic pain. Like, we can have pain that's real pain in our body, from something physical. But then what happens is that, and I will botch the description of this, but basically, right, that our brain is still, people are actually still feeling physical pain, but it's not from something physical happening. It's something in the brain causing that physical pain.

And so it is, I mean, it makes complete sense that that breath work is one of the ways in which you could end physical pain, which is just so cool.

And, and I want to say that the breath work you did with my master coaches a few weeks ago. Was on money, financial abundance. And so we, we fit that in with some of the business stuff we're doing. Because obviously my master coaches are learning their skills and also expanding their business. So it was so cool to have that.

And then coming up, of course, you're going to do one on confidence. Right? Confidence and clarity. And then we're gonna have a session on relationships. So I wanted to highlight that because it's really cool how, you know, of course this is supporting my coaches and the work they're doing and there are so many other topics you can do breath work on, right?

Elisa Fucci: Yes. And how I target those topics, again, is because I coach you through it. And what I say, the affirmations, the sentences I give you, are all to help you unlock the limiting beliefs or bring out any emotions attached to your ultimate result.

Which, for example, this one was abundance and money mindset. So, and I pick the music and usually it takes me about seven hours to pick the playlist because I go through it intuitively. I don't just, "Oh, let's see." I think about, I connect to the people that I'm going to serve. What are their emotions? What is holding them back when it comes to money, for example, or abundance? What is so fear? Okay. Like what are the thoughts that come up?

Okay. So I think about the thoughts and then I pick music that actually motivates you that cancels out that thought, or that brings out the emotion attached to it. So then you can release it and replace it. And because you are at a self hypnosis state, you're more vulnerable to, and susceptive to listening and changing your thoughts and releasing them.

That's why it's so powerful and effective.

Molly Claire: Yeah. Yeah. Okay. In just a few minutes, I, I want you to tell everyone where they can find you as well. Like where do they find you on Instagram and all the ways they can connect with you. But I'll just say, you know, when we had this experience in master coach training, I was so amazed. I was definitely sobbing in the session. Everyone had a little bit different experience.

But by the end I was there sobbing, and I was so tired that night. I slept so deeply, the dreams I had were fascinating and I swear to you, the next day I have the best workout I've had in, I don't know how long.

But I just feel like for days, so much was settling in and it was just a really incredible experience that just, I'm not sure that I could describe or doesn't compare to anything else. And so, and all this to say, I just love, you know, as you're listening to Elisa, it's so clear that this really is a gift that you have, and that you put so much into it.

Like I think about, you know, I call this The Masterful Coach podcast because I do believe that when we can master what we're offering to our clients, that is when we can serve them at such a high level. And that's when I think business becomes easy. Because you're phenomenal at what you do. And you love what you do. And you're changing people's lives. People cannot help but refer to you. People cannot help but have you on their podcasts and tell everyone to go to you. Right?

So those of you listening, I think it's vital that you ask yourself a few things from this episode. How are you really expanding and mastering your ability to help people? Do you have a broad enough understanding of the different ways your clients may need help moving things within them, you know?

And then, and then I would say the last thing, which I always am going to advise all of you to do is just thinking about one next step. Because it can be overwhelming to think about mastery or figuring everything out. But take all of this in and just think about one thing that you could move forward to be, you know, more effective with your clients.

So anyway, Elisa, tell everyone about where they can find you and, and what you've got. And then of course, all of this will be in the show notes for my awesome.

Elisa Fucci: Awesome. Thank you. Yes. So if you want to work with me and or sign up, you can actually talk to me. The best way is through Instagram at Elisa underscore Fucci. That's F U C C I like Gucci, but with an F. Underscore coaching. So Lisa Fucci coaching and just click on the link in the bio. And that's the best way to reach me.

You can hire me for your next event. Imagine how powerful your event and what you have to say will be once you get people or you leave them with this very impactful message experiencing breath work. Or if you want to have me come into your program, like Molly has, I'd love to do this. I, again, like Molly said, it is my gift and it is my honor.

And I feel grateful that I have this opportunity to help people let go of the things that they don't need to hold on to anymore so they can really tap into their higher self, tap into that clarity that we need, especially as coaches, we need all the clarity.

Molly Claire: I know, I know. Right. Amazing. Thank you so much for being here and thank you for your incredible contributions in master coach training to all of my clients are just so grateful and had a phenomenal experience.

Elisa Fucci: I am, I'm honored.

Molly Claire: Thank you. All right. Have a good one. Nice to be with you.

Intro: Thanks for listening to The Masterful Coach podcast. Are you ready to build your amazing business with Molly as your coach? Check out to find out about masterful coach foundations and the 10K accelerator method. It's the ultimate support for you as a coach, building your ideal life and business.