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What it takes to succeed as a coach: 3 Tips and a Conversation with Molly Claire and Heidi Allsop

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In this empowering episode of The Masterful Coach, host Molly Claire and guest Heidi Allsop, dig deep into the transformative journey of aligning your coaching business with your ideal life. They also discuss a business-building trip they took to Cancun where they met and talked with others, who they got to learn from and get inspired by. Molly and Heidi left feeling refreshed and inspired to continue growing their businesses.

At the heart of this episode is the critical idea of loving your work and how doing so can lead to unparalleled productivity and a flourishing business. Molly and Heidi dive into how integrating your ideal personal life with your business model isn’t just beneficial but necessary for long-term success and satisfaction.

Heidi shares her own experience, expressing gratitude for the support she received and highlighting how incremental changes in mindset and self-confidence led to huge gains in her coaching practice. The duo discusses the importance of defining and committing to a new identity within your coaching business, leaning on mentors, and ensuring your business practices are rooted in integrity and balance.

Listeners will enjoy insights on the parallel journey of building a business and motherhood. Heidi advises filtering out external noise and focusing on self-trust, much like parenting. Molly continues with this theme, illustrating how creating a sense of ease and confidence in your coaching practice not only benefits you but also dramatically impacts your clients.

To wrap up, both hosts share the joys and challenges of balancing personal aspirations with professional goals, underscoring the significance of phenomenal service in coaching for long-lasting success. Don’t miss this episode if you’re committed to evolving as a coach and harmonizing your business with the life you desire!

Phenomenal service, I believe, is the key to building a business. To building a business that you're really proud of and that you want to tell people about." Heidi Allsop

Guest Bio

Heidi Allsop is a Certified Life Coach, Social Worker, and proud Mom of five sons. Known as the Boy Mom Coach, Heidi specializes in empowering moms to strengthen their relationship with their sons, so they can truly enjoy him at every age. With nearly three decades of experience, Heidi understands the challenges of raising boys in today’s world. Her Strong Moms, Strong Sons philosophy has transformed families, helping moms navigate the tumultuous years from middle school to manhood, fostering a lifelong bond with their boys.


Instagram: @heidiallsopcoaching

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Full Episode Transcript:

Voice Over [00:00:02]:
Welcome to the Masterful Coach podcast with Molly Claire. If you're a coach who's ready to impact more lives, make more money, and create a life you love, you're in exactly the right place. Get the support you deserve as a female entrepreneur, master your coaching skills, grow your ideal business, and honor your priorities in your personal life. Are you in? Let's get started with your host, bestselling author, and master life and business coach, Molly Claire.

Molly Claire [00:00:35]:
Okay, coaches. So I wanted to do this episode for you about the fundamentals of succeeding in your coaching business now and long term. And this was really inspired because a few weeks ago, Heidi Alsop, who is on the podcast with me today. Say hi, Heidi.

Heidi Allsop [00:00:54]:
Hey. So glad to be here.

Molly Claire [00:00:57]:
So, Heidi. Heidi and I went to Cancun a few weeks ago for a business retreat, and Heidi is a former client of mine who I somehow roped into helping me do podcast work in my business because she's amazing and, and I know she has a heart for the work that we do in the Masterful Coach Collective and just all of this good stuff. And she has her own business. And so Heidi and I kind of started doing this work together, and this business retreat was put on. We went, had the best time. So we're here to just talk about some thoughts, some insights, and talk about how to have a successful business. So let's do it, Heidi.

Heidi Allsop [00:01:35]:
Let's do it. I'm so glad to be here. Thank you for having me. And I'll talk about Cancun forever. Wasn't it...

Molly Claire [00:01:41]:
I know, right? I'm like, the other day, I was like, "I think I meant to live in Cancun". I mean, and, yes, so many things. So, Heidi, let's just talk about what we realize- we are, by the way, you guys, we are going to talk about some important things, but there are some fun things we gotta talk about here, too. Heidi, let's just talk about what we discovered when we met up at the airport, about my packing.

Heidi Allsop [00:02:07]:
Yes. Well, Molly, just, just so everyone knows, her coaches, her clients, her people are at the top of her mind, packing a swimsuit for Cancun, not at the top of her mind. Molly forgot a swimsuit. And spending a week in Cancun said no one ever. So. But she had, she had her computer, she had all her notes for her business. So we know where, where Molly's heart is always taking care of her clients. But you made it work.

Heidi Allsop [00:02:40]:
You hodge podged some things together.

Molly Claire [00:02:42]:
It was amazing. And we have an amazing picture in a hammock in the water to prove that we worked around the situation. So here's what I have to say in my defense and to all of you. Because genuinely, and I know, Heidi, knows this to be true as well. I genuinely do believe that our life, our business needs to support our ideal personal life and those things we enjoy. Right. And I'm at this phase right now in my business through the end of this month, where I am prepping to take some time off during the summer. I like to have extra time with my daughter when she's out of school, spend time with my boys also, and have some space and time.

Molly Claire [00:03:22]:
So the truth is that this really was a business-focused trip for me. And I thought, what better way to do it than Cancun? And we also had the best time.

Heidi Allsop [00:03:32]:
Yes, we did. We did. And. And I think, too, Molly, that that for me, going away and being in a beautiful place, but having some time to really sit and reflect is the best thing that I could have done for my business at the time. And. Right. Talking back and forth, having someone and a group of people to talk things out with, it was a huge business building week for me, although I didn't have my computer out as much as I could have.

Heidi Allsop [00:04:02]:

Molly Claire [00:04:02]:
Yeah. Yeah.

Heidi Allsop [00:04:03]:
That is part of that ideal life and business.

Molly Claire [00:04:06]:
Yeah. Yeah. And not to mention. Right. Like, of course, I wish I would have brought a swimsuit or two. That would have been very helpful. And my favorite things to do are exactly what I did there. We did a lot of walking every single day I went out.

Molly Claire [00:04:23]:
There's kind of like this little dock like this. I don't know that that's really what it's called. It's kind of this fancy platform out in the water where they have events. And I journaled and did yoga out there. And. And so it just was amazing. And we had the best time.

Heidi Allsop [00:04:38]:
We did. We did. Absolutely.

Molly Claire [00:04:41]:
Okay, so. So let's get a little bit serious here. So, by the way, and Heidi can tell you more about her business or where you can find her at the end of this episode, and I am for sure going to bring her back, because I do want to at least mention what you do, Heidi, because Heidi has been helping me in my business. But what is your business about? Tell the people.

Heidi Allsop [00:05:00]:
Yeah, absolutely. I coach moms of boys, especially middle school boys, when they're, when they're gaining their independence. And as moms, we are a little nervous about what that independence is going to look like. And I just really help moms. I help them do two things, show up in a way that strengthens their connection, that they can really continue to be the greatest influence in their son's life and have a lot of fun. And the other thing that I do is help them create a really parenting plan, kind of like you do with your clients, but a parenting plan that this is how we want to show up, this is how you want to be every day, and this is what you want to teach him, how you want him to learn and grow as he goes through those formative years. So, yeah, all things moms and boys. I have five boys of my own, so I know a little bit of what I'm talking about.

Molly Claire [00:05:50]:
Oh, my gosh. And now she's getting these girl granddaughters. Yes. Too fun. So. And you know what? I actually. I love that we just highlighted right here in this episode for you, what Heidi does, because it reminds me of the work that Heidi and I have done, as each time that there's been some carving out of your message and your niche, it always comes back to what you feel passionate about. The message you want to give women.

Molly Claire [00:06:25]:
Right. And the message you want to give your clients, it's so heart centered and driven by that. And that's really one of the things I want to highlight today. And I know, Heidi, you know from experience that it's like you're working in your business, right? You're feeling a little stuck. It's, like, a little crunchy, a little scary. And then we talk about, who do you want to help? What is your purpose? What is the thing you want to say? And every time we do that, that's when it's like, I can hear and feel from you that, like, flow and openness.

Heidi Allsop [00:06:56]:
Absolutely. You know it's there, and I know it's there. And sometimes I let myself get caught up in maybe how someone else articulates things or what the formula is or how it should be done in someone's group or platform or something like that. And always, always when I get into what is my passion, what do I feel like can contribute the most to the world? From my experience and my training, it really does come out so clearly to me. And so I, I do. Every time we come back and you ask me, "Well, what do you really want to do?" It's there. It's always there.

Molly Claire [00:07:37]:
It's always, always there. Yes. Okay, so let me back up a little bit. So, we go to Cancun, right?

Molly Claire [00:07:45]:
We're at this business retreat, and the purpose was for us to learn and do a little bit of working and all that stuff. And. And as we were there and as I was listening to the other people in the group wanting to learn how to do their business right, "How do I market?" "What's the best thing?" It really, I have to say, for me, being there was an interesting moment in time in my business and in my life where I realized I feel so grateful to say I'm at the point where I am bringing together the best parts of all the work I've done as a coach. My favorite parts, the things that I'm passionate about, the things that I'm great at, and being able to be a part of a mission that I feel so, so good about.And as I was kind of reflecting on this and this being this really great point in my business and career, I wanted to be able to share with these other business owners some of these key things to helping them have success. And it was, it lent itself perfectly to this opportunity. Right.

Molly Claire [00:08:47]:
Because they wanted all of us to speak and share and all of that, which we, we had a good laugh about as well, as we became international phenomenons. So we weren't really international phenomenons, but we did speak in Cancun, technically in clothing, other than our swimsuits. Okay, so this is what I want to talk about first. Number one, when you are building your business and you want it to succeed 100%, you have to lead your business with phenomenal service as a coach, be the best at what you do. That doesn't mean you have to be the best at everything or do everything, but lean into what you do and what you're passionate about. Expand your skills and abilities and lead with that service. I cannot emphasize enough that a business led with phenomenal service stands the test of time, and it generates referrals that the business, in a sense, can build itself. So this is one of the things I talked about.

Molly Claire [00:09:55]:
I mean, I'd love to hear from you, Heidi, because you are definitely a heart centered coach. You're here to help people, to serve people. I mean, how does this idea impact you or any thoughts you have to share about it as well?

Heidi Allsop [00:10:07]:
Yeah, I thought it was fascinating because I think when you're in a room full of people who are in the service industry and serve so many different kinds of people, kinds of services, that I really came away with getting a lot of clarity on the service that I want to provide and how I want to provide that service. And watching so many people, it helped me get clear on, "Okay, this is how I want to do it." And I would always rather err on the side of being too prepared, of over delivering too much, not at the expense of myself, but in a way that really, I just really want to serve my clients in the best way. And becoming the best coach that I can be is the number one way that I can do that. Because then I can provide that quality of service and also just showing up with integrity before that client works with me as we're having those pre conversations, after that client works with me as we, as we do off boarding and continual support and just every facet of the time that I meet the client, till the time that that client has, has flown off and is doing her thing, I want to just really provide a great service to her.So phenomenal service, I believe, is the key to building a business, to building a business that you're really proud of and that you want to tell people about. It makes it so much easier to tell people about what you do if you're really, really aligned and proud of the way that you provide that service and do what you do.

Molly Claire [00:11:45]:
Yes, it's like the most solid foundation. And, I mean, as you're listening to Heidi, you can see why I just love and adore you, Heidi, because you always are interested in leading with service. And here's what I'll say, is that most of the clients that are attracted to the work we do in Master Coach Training and other various programs, are typically more people like you, Heidi, right. Who are saying, "I want to over deliver. I want to really give." And so one of the things that I'm able to help my clients with is understanding how over delivering and exceeding expectations with value does not mean over-giving in an unbalanced way or giving busy work or all of that. Because I genuinely, I do believe in this idea that many times less is more when it comes to serving our clients. And I think that idea can be used in a very backwards way as well.

Molly Claire [00:12:42]:
And we've seen this right, where people are trying to, especially when offering like, big, like, sales tactics or like, you know, this idea of, I've talked about before, this idea of, like, sloppy scaling where people are really trying to cut corners on delivering service to their clients. And I just want to emphasize that there is a huge difference between what we're talking about here. What I'm kind of highlighting is, yes, you lead with service, you over deliver, you give, you connect with them, and you do it in a way that feels good and aligned and balanced and does not feel like over giving. And that's what we're going for. Right? What we're not going for is either exhausting ourselves because we think we're responsible for being everything to every one of our clients, which many of my clients struggle with. Right. And it's also not this place that, unfortunately, we see a lot of people talking about in the coaching industry. And when it comes to sales, it's like, hey, don't worry so much about, you know, spending time on, you know, your program or learning.

Molly Claire [00:13:46]:
Just like, figure out how to get more clients in the door, sell more. And it's like, well, not really because we want to make sure that when they cross that place at that point of sale into our business that they feel like they are just being scooped up and taken care of. Right.

Heidi Allsop [00:14:03]:
Yeah. And I think a really simple way to say that is when you develop the skills to be the best coach or provider that you can be, that is the ultimate ultra delivery, that over-delivery, because you're providing such, it can be encapsulated in a 45 minutes session, that over delivering can be just that. Your skills are so spot on that you're very, very good at what you do. You have developed those skills. That's the greatest over delivery.

Molly Claire [00:14:34]:
That's right. That's exactly right. And, you know, that's why sometimes I was just saying the other day to a friend of mine about, I'm like, you know, Master Coach Training, it's like, in some ways, it's not the most sexy thing. It's not the most, like, flashy thing, right? Because it's like education, and yet it, it is so powerful because every time we are investing in ourselves and expanding our skills, we are building such a solid foundation that serves us now and long term. And that's the thing, is that, you know, the coaching industry, it's wild, right? It's like the wild, wild west. Coaches are popping up here and there. They're a dime a dozen.

Molly Claire [00:15:15]:
They're coming into business, they're going out of business. And I'm like, no, like, I want to attract those of you that are in this for the long haul. You care about your business. You want it to serve people. You want it to serve your life long term. So, anyway, amazing insights. That is like, like perfect. Okay, so let's.

Molly Claire [00:15:32]:
Let's just recap that. Lead your business with service. Be in integrity. Be the best at what you do. Really feel amazing about what you deliver, and that confidence and solid foundation will spill over into your ability to build the business. Period. Yes. Okay.Number two, you absolutely have to ground yourself in building your ideal life and business vision. Your business should support the life that you want. When clients come to me, like, so often, and I know, Heidi, you've seen this, like, being in my groups, right.

Molly Claire [00:16:12]:
And experience it. We've experienced this both ourselves. Right. It's like, oh, my personal life and my business, they're in competition. How do I pick between the two? And I know you've all heard me say this, but I can't say it enough. It is worth the time to get clear on what your ideal life looks like on a daily basis, on a weekly, monthly basis, and for the long haul. And when you can get clear on that and understand how your business is a part of that bigger picture, that's when suddenly these different pieces of your life don't feel as though they're in competition, but they're in cooperation. And this is one of the number one things that I see coaches really struggling with and wasting time on is feeling this sense of conflict.

Molly Claire [00:17:02]:
Yeah. What are your thoughts on this, Heidi? Either personally or what you. Yeah.

Heidi Allsop [00:17:07]:
Well, I'm just, you're bringing me back to an experience that I had when I, when I first started being a coach. And, you know, I mentioned I have five kids and four of them are married. So I have four daughters-in-law and two granddaughters, and I have a full life, and I love my life. And when I first started coaching, I think it was you, Molly, I think we were having a conversation, and I was feeling that pull. I was feeling like the more that I did the coaching, the more that it was taking away from this big, beautiful life that I'd work all these years to create.

Heidi Allsop [00:17:40]:
And you said such an impactful thing to me, and it was, "Heidi, what if this coaching could add to your life? In what ways could this coaching add to this big, beautiful life?" And that was such a brain switch for me that I started looking at the ways that this creating this business and doing this thing that I had felt so called to do was going to add and contribute to my life instead of taking away from my life. And that made all the difference for me.And so then my brain was collecting all of this evidence that this was adding to my life, this was benefiting my family, that this was helping in so many ways, that then it became fun. Then I had the energy to do the things that were required to build a business. And so that was just a really great switch for me that helped me take it out of that competition and really think, "Okay, how can I create this so that this business is adding to my life, my ideal life, that I want to create?" That is so important to me. So I love that mind, that mindset switch.

Heidi Allsop [00:18:47]:
It was really very helpful for me.

Molly Claire [00:18:50]:
Yeah. And I think one of the things, Heidi, and I think you've experienced this, too, is that sometimes we can have this idea when we hear ideal life and business and making space for these different aspects of our lives. It's so easy for us to go to this place of thinking. We're trying to figure out how to do it all and have it all, and immediately it can start feeling like, okay. Like. Like we're gearing up to, like, spread ourselves in and hold it all together. And that's not it at all. It's more like, okay, what are the things that actually matter to me? Let's just let go of all the rest.

Molly Claire [00:19:27]:
And now if I have these things that I know that matter to me, how do they fit together in such a beautiful way that they're actually creating the experience of my life that I want? The space and time that I want, the ability to build the relationships that I want to enjoy my life. How are the things I'm doing in my business actually aligned with how I'm wanting to spend my time in my business? Right. Because that's another aspect of this.It's kind of like the business supports the life and the business in and of itself, especially for those of you who are coaches and are passionate about this. There are parts of your business and things you offer that you're just meant to do, and they're so fulfilling. And I'll just mention this briefly, I feel like we should do a whole episode on this. But within your business, you know, if you're spending time doing mostly things you don't really like, and it's not leaving time for the things that light you up, you've got to reevaluate, because, yes, there are things that you're going to do that aren't going to be your favorite.

Molly Claire [00:20:29]:
And I think the goal should be moving more and more toward doing more of what you love in your business and that business, supporting that ideal life. I mean, it's just, it's all these little shifts, right, in our mind that add up to something really big.

Heidi Allsop [00:20:43]:
Yeah. And when you were doing those things that we love in our business and making those things the priority, we actually work more on our business. We build a better business because we're not trying to avoid going into that office. We're not trying to avoid doing those things because we enjoy that and we are prioritizing those things that we. I love to coach. Just love to coach. So I'm, that's always forefront in my mind.

Heidi Allsop [00:21:06]:
And the other stuff I hope to get done, and usually I do. But if I really focus on talking to the people and helping the people, I'm excited every morning to come into this office and do my thing. That's fun and that's enhancing my life. And the things that, that I'm doing and the things that I'm learning are building my family relationships stronger. They are enhancing my family, which is my first priority in a beautiful way. So they really do go hand in hand, and I no longer separate them in my mind. It's just all part of this wonderful life. Sometimes it's a hot mess, but it's all part of this wonderful life, right?

Molly Claire [00:21:42]:
That's right. Yes. Yes. Ideal life and business. This cooperative approach in these areas of your life, it really matters. And it matters in terms of staying the course in your business, because if you are always stressed out, spread thin, you know, feeling guilty, feeling this sense of competition and conflict, it will slow you down. So there's that. So when Heidi was talking about loving to coach, I know so many of you love to coach and teach, and that really is one of, to me, one of my biggest selling points of Master Coach Training as well, right. Is it's like, like, believe it or not, yes, of course there are, there are business things to learn and there's marketing to learn.

Molly Claire [00:22:25]:
That's why we have marketing and business within Master Coach Training. Right. It's there. And I really also want to say that when you, when you learn to lean into leading with service, you can coach and teach more. The things you love to do are actually a part of your marketing and your messaging. And that's really what I, what I help my clients do is say, listen, what do you love to do? How do we make the things that you're great at be the very way that you market? It's possible, and I think it's essential if you really want to enjoy your business, too.

Heidi Allsop [00:22:56]:

Molly Claire [00:22:57]:

Heidi Allsop [00:22:57]:

Molly Claire [00:22:58]:
Okay. Okay. Let's talk about the last key to really succeeding in your business, staying the course and being in it long term. And that is identifying what is that new identity you are claiming wherever you are in your business right now, thinking about where you ultimately want to be as a coach, how many people you want to serve, how much money you want to make, what you want that to look like. And really, as you create that clear identity. It's got to be something that you commit to making happen you know, and what I say, like, in Master Coach Training, as we talk about the fundamentals of lasting change, right, the cognitive, the emotional, understanding the nervous system and effective action strategies. It's like, okay, from where you are now to claiming this new identity of the CEO, this coach, this person, you ultimately want to be in your business and in your life, right. You're going to need to work through all of those hurdles, right, in those different areas. And by the way, this is why you need a coach, right? Like, we are coaches, because we believe in coaches.

Molly Claire [00:24:08]:
You need help to do that. And it's not so much that you have to know how to do each step of the way, and there's not, like, a secret way to get to that end point, but you've got to decide it and commit to it, for sure.

Heidi Allsop [00:24:23]:
Yeah, no, I agree. I think that the one thing that I keep having to come back to is that is that self confidence. And sometimes we need a little reminder. We need that mentor to have the confidence in us until we can reconnect with that, with that confidence. Because there's so many things in building this business that, personally, I've never done before. First of all, the skill of becoming a coach and learning the techniques, and this is not like going on a walk with your friend. There's a lot to coaching, and that's why we love it.

Heidi Allsop [00:24:54]:
And then there's the tech. There's connecting with people. There's, who do I serve? How do I serve them? What platforms? There's so much noise that really coming back, in my experience, to that self confidence and that, hey, look, I can do this. I can do this, and I love who I serve, and this is how I want to serve them. And because I just have that self confidence. But sometimes I do have to lean on. Right. I lean on Molly often.

Heidi Allsop [00:25:22]:
I appreciate her confidence in me because that helps me remember that, "Oh, oh, yes, I can do this. Oh, yes. Oh, the platform. Oh, the tech. Okay. I'll figure it out. That's not a problem."

Heidi Allsop [00:25:34]:
But really, I've had to work and strengthen that self confidence. Which, I'm a pretty confident person in all of the areas of my life, for the most part, but building a business that's from scratch, that's never existed before, it is so, it's so helpful to let go of the noise. Find your people that will lend you that confidence while you're building it and strengthening it as you go, has been invaluable for me.

Molly Claire [00:26:01]:
Yes. And as Heidi was talking, you know, I was thinking, Heidi, about how this is why when, I mean, one of the fundamental things I'm working with my clients on constantly, every single day, and I kind of joke with them just yesterday, I'm like, I'm always indoctrinating you with this idea, right, of building that self trust, because I do think that it's everything. And one of the things that came to my mind as Heidi was talking is that I think, as coaches, sometimes we can get this idea that we should be this force of independence, standing alone, always believing, you know, always just being able to do it all and create all our own feelings and da da da da da, right? It's this. Yes. But in truth, we need people. We are human beings designed to connect with other people. And besides, it's way more fun that way, right?

Heidi Allsop [00:26:58]:
Much more.

Molly Claire [00:26:58]:
And so it's kind of like when I think about every time I have an identity shift that I'm creating, like right now, I have this new shift that I'm creating, right, as we all do time and again in our business, right? And with my new goals, I have this new identity, this new place that I'm going. And what I know is, and what I want to tell all of you is I'm not always going to feel confident about it every moment. I'm not always going to be. And I'm doing, like, air quotes, right? Like, in belief. I'm not always going to feel that way. And it doesn't matter, because what I have done is I have decided that one day I will be there. One day I will feel it, I will believe it, I will have it. And that's what I want to offer to all of you, is just claim that one day you'll be there, and then all along the way, you know that you're going to feel doubt, you're going to feel insecure, you're going to have all this stuff, right? And this is where you do rely on your mentors, your coach, your teacher, and you are willing to overcome whatever mindset or emotion work, emotion roadblocks or actions that you need to change. It's really so much more about commitment than being in belief or feeling it all the time, right? And that self trust that you will figure it out.

Heidi Allsop [00:28:16]:
You will figure it out. It keeps you moving forward when you know that the end is, is that belief, and you know that you will get to that. It just, It keeps you moving forward. It keeps you doing the next thing. And, wow, that building of confidence as you go, as you do the next thing is so fulfilling.

Molly Claire [00:28:32]:
So really, it really is. And as we're doing it right, we can we then become more equipped to help our clients do it. And whatever they're trying to achieve, we're really doing a, just a different version of the work we're doing with our clients.

Heidi Allsop [00:28:45]:
All right? Everyone is. And isn't that the way that we connect?

Molly Claire [00:28:48]:

Heidi Allsop [00:28:49]:
Connect in that way. And it's so much like, think about motherhood. It's so much like that. My daughter in law is potty training her two year old here. And there's so many ways to do it right. There's all this noise out there. Do it this way, do it that way. Oh, this is the proven way.

Heidi Allsop [00:29:03]:
And do it this way and do it that way. And that's, that's so confusing. But you, if you have someone that you trust, it's like, hey, listen, you'll do it fine. You're going to figure it out. I'm not going to tell you the exact way to do it because you and your daughter are unique, and you'll figure it out. Here are some ideas. And, like, this is going to be a good time. You'll figure it out and be a good time.

Heidi Allsop [00:29:26]:
Said no mom ever.

Molly Claire [00:29:27]:
And no mom ever.

Heidi Allsop [00:29:29]:
But there's so much noise. Yes, there's so much noise. And if we listen to all the noise, if we do all of the things, this is one thing that I really work a lot with my clients on is listen, there's a lot of parenting books out there, and they all are great, and they all have something, some little nugget in them. And there's your mom and your sister and everybody giving you parenting advice, and it's beautiful. And when those things fall flat, oftentimes we think that we are the problem. We'll never figure it out. We are the problem. What I work so hard with them on is, really, close your eyes.

Heidi Allsop [00:30:04]:
What works for you? What do you feel is the right thing here? And you can take the nuggets from all of the places, but really, when it's all said and done, you're the mom. And I just know you can figure it out. And let's figure out how to build that confidence so that you can move forward and do the things in a more confident, specific, intentional way. And it's the same thing with building a business. There's a lot of noise. There's so much noise. And if we listen to all of it and then it falls flat, we get discouraged and think we're the problem and we give up. That's just not the case.

Molly Claire [00:30:38]:
Yep. I'm so glad you brought that up because, I mean, it really is true. And I know all of you listening relate to that, to having all of the noise. And one thing, this was perhaps one of the best things that I experienced this week. So as I've been doing some video calls with my master coach students, like, individually, and it's like they're sharing with me what they like and how they feel about it, you know? And we're just kind of capturing some of their testimonials and some of what they love about it. And what I kept hearing from people is, I don't feel stressed out. I don't feel like I'm behind.

Molly Claire [00:31:17]:
I feel relaxed. I feel like I know what I'm doing. It's this sense of almost this space of a little bit of peace and quiet and the opportunity to make choices that are in alignment and feel that trust. And it was beautiful to see how powerful that has been. And so, yes, we do all the other skills, right? And we're teaching and we're learning all these things. But to me, to hear not from one, but from one after the other after the other, that they're feeling more at ease and relaxed and confident was like, that's the win. That's the win right there. And they're leading the way for their clients to feel the same way in whatever area of their life they.

Heidi Allsop [00:32:00]:

Molly Claire [00:32:01]:
Yeah, absolutely.

Heidi Allsop [00:32:02]:
What a gift.

Molly Claire [00:32:03]:
Okay. Okay, listen, coaches, we're going to wrap up. These are the highlights. And then I do want Heidi to tell you all as well where you can find her because you probably all want to hire her after hearing I need to go hire Heidi. Okay, so key points from this episode. Number one, lead your business with service. It will always, always be in your business's best interest.

Molly Claire [00:32:25]:
Number two is be clear on your ideal life in business. And by the way, if you go to, you will be able to get a free training from me. This is actually the starting point that I do with every single one of my clients in every program that we ever do. It is the pre-workout. So, you can get that. Get clear on your ideal life and business. Point 3 from this episode is really be clear on what that new identity is and commit to making it happen. I really do believe that if you do these three things and do them over and over again as you build your business, it is everything. And before I turn it over to Heidi to tell you where you can find her.

Molly Claire [00:33:10]:
Here are the other important things to remember. Go to Cancun. Definitely take your swimsuit, your swimsuit. Go to cancun. Take your swimsuit. Take someone awesome with you, like Heidi, like I did, so you can have a lot of fun. And the other thing is, Master Coach Training is open for enrollment, and it is the place to be if you've been excited, if you've been curious, do not hesitate. Definitely submit your application and set up a call and just have the best time building your business.

Molly Claire [00:33:43]:
I mean, how lucky are we that every day we get to work with people who are interested in growing and expanding their lives? It is the best place to be, and I just, I feel grateful every single day.

Heidi Allsop [00:33:55]:
Yeah, it's a privilege. This is a privilege for us to get to do this, and it really is.

Molly Claire [00:34:01]:
It really is. Okay, Heidi, thank you so much for the conversation. How can people find you?

Heidi Allsop [00:34:07]:
Well, okay, first of all, thank you for having me. And I I have been your client for a while, a long while, and now have a little glimpse into the backside of your business. And, Molly, you are just as genuine and unique and amazing as I thought the first day I met you. So thank you.

Molly Claire [00:34:27]:

Heidi Allsop [00:34:28]:
Thanks for having me on. But thank you for what you do. You do really provide a space that calms people and helps people move forward and become the coaches they desire to be in a way that enhances their life. So, thank you, and thank you for having me on. And let's go to Cancun again, very soon.

Molly Claire [00:34:45]:
Let's go to Cancun. Can you all feel the love? We're having this little love fest party. Thank you so much. It's an honor. Honor to do.

Heidi Allsop [00:34:52]:
You're so sweet. So, thanks for having me. I am so easy to find. I'm on instagram, all the social platforms. Heidiallsopcoaching. Two L's a L L sop. Heidi allsopp coaching. I have a website.

Heidi Allsop [00:35:07]:
Heidi Allsopp coaching. I just. I'm everywhere. And come and find me. If you have a son, come talk to me.

Molly Claire [00:35:14]:
Oh, my gosh.

Heidi Allsop [00:35:16]:
It's not for. It's like. It's like you're wading through the jungle. I get it.

Molly Claire [00:35:19]:
Oh, my gosh. Right? And then it's like middle school is coming, and you're like, oh, my gosh. What's going to happen with girls? What's going to happen with video games? What's going to happen with social media? Oh, my gosh.

Heidi Allsop [00:35:31]:
And. And. And social skills. Like, what's happening to our souls.

Molly Claire [00:35:35]:
Oh, my gosh. We need a whole episode on that. Don't even get me started. Right.

Heidi Allsop [00:35:40]:
Good. Yeah.

Molly Claire [00:35:41]:

Heidi Allsop [00:35:42]:
Thank you. Thank you for having me. Come and find me. If if you want to know more about moms and boys in middle school and all the way to manhood, like, I've got you.

Molly Claire [00:35:51]:
Yes. I love it. Middle school to manhood. I love it. Love it. All right, coaches, thank you so, so much for being here, and I'll talk with you next week.

Heidi Allsop [00:36:01]:
Thanks, Molly.

Voice Over [00:36:03]:
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