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Blending Early Education and Expert Coaching with Tammie Williams

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Hey there, Masterful Coaches! In this episode, host Molly Claire sits down with the incredible Tammie Williams, who embodies the transformative power of belief and the magic of lifelong learning.

In this inspiring episode, Tammie shares her extraordinary journey of starting a preschool from her home as a single mom juggling kids and pursuing higher education. With her never ending sense of belief in herself and her dedication, she successfully launched a successful preschool.

Emphasizing the might of belief, Tammie discusses the drive it took to earn six degrees while building her business—and the pivotal role that continuous education played in her growth. "You don’t have to have all the answers to start; you just need to begin," she shares, highlighting a central theme of our talk.

Molly reflects on the importance of superior service in business growth, and together they explore adapting to industry shifts through a commitment to ongoing learning. Tammie also details her transition to coaching and the shifts she has been able to help families create.

Wrapping up with laughter and gratitude, Tammie reminds us that behind every challenge is an opportunity to learn and grow—even if it involves an unexpected comedy of errors. It’s an episode packed with real conversations and tangible takeaways.

"You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step." – Tammie Williams

Guest Bio

Tammie Williams is an Early Childhood Parenting Coach and has worked in the Early Childhood field for over 40 years. She has built two preschools from the ground up and has Master’s Degrees in Child Development and Business. She did all of this while raising 3 children as a single parent.

Tammie is also a popular speaker in the areas of Early Childhood, Parenting, and Business. She is passionate about working with parents of preschool age children and loves coaching them to raise responsible, confident, and emotional balanced children.


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Full Episode Transcript:

Voice Over [00:00:02]:
Welcome to the Masterful Coach podcast with Molly Claire. If you're a coach who's ready to impact more lives, make more money, and create a life you love, you're in exactly the right place. Get the support you deserve as a female entrepreneur, master your coaching skills, grow your ideal business, and honor your priorities in your personal life. Are you in? Let's get started with your host, bestselling author and master life and business coach, Molly Claire.

Molly Claire [00:00:35]:
Hey, coaches. Today we are talking about what it takes to build a business. We are talking about leading your business with a passion for serving people well, and we are talking about overcoming all of the obstacles along the way. This episode is really fun for me because I'm interviewing Tammie Williams. She is one of my up-and-coming master coach training students, and I used to work for Tammie. So back in the day, actually when my boys were little, when I didn't even have my daughter yet, I worked for one of her schools here locally where I live. So you're going to hear more about Tammie's experience and all that she brings to the table.

Molly Claire [00:01:23]:
I love the way that Tammie has really led building her prior businesses, and also her current business as a coach, with wanting to really do a phenomenal job serving her clients. And so this always stood out to me about Tammie when we first met and it's been really fun as she and I have worked together in this new capacity as she is building her coaching business.By the way, you're going to hear some great nuggets from her because she specializes in helping parents of preschool age kids. So you're going to love this interview. It was so much fun for me to have this conversation with Tammie. All right, before we get into that, this is so exciting. I am offering four advanced coaching skill classes in a row. The cost for this four part workshop is only $197.

Molly Claire [00:02:18]:
I have never offered advanced skills classes at a cost this ridiculously low. I wanted to do this to give all of you a little bit of a taste for these four components of effective coaching that I'm always talking about. So if you're interested in coming along with me, the first call is on April 29. The calls are every single Monday. There will be replays available. Check out my website, When you go there, you can click on the special offer. It is the Master Your Coaching Intensive for super skills you need to learn as a coach.

Molly Claire [00:02:54]:
I am talking about these four foundational pieces that I teach with my master coach training students and that is advanced cognitive work, emotion focused, modalities nervous system awareness, and also talking about how to take effective, action focused strategies. All right, coaches, here we go. Let's dive on into this phenomenal interview. All right, coaches. So I'm so excited to have Tammie here on the podcast. Hello, Tammie.

Tammie Williams [00:03:25]:
Thanks, Molly. I'm excited to be here as well.

Molly Claire [00:03:28]:
This is so fun because what I think is always interesting about a coach's journey, and I know a lot of my audience can relate to this, is we have all of these different, seemingly unrelated experiences in our life, and then somehow some of these little pieces come together because you and I worked together in a totally different way years ago. And now here we are on a podcast with you and your new business. And it's so great.

Tammie Williams [00:03:57]:
It's part of the journey.

Molly Claire [00:03:58]:
Yeah. Yeah. Okay, so tell my audience, who is your niche in your business?

Tammie Williams [00:04:05]:
Well, I am an early childhood parenting coach, so what that means is I specialize in coaching parents of two through six year olds. That is my specialty because I have worked in the early childhood field for over 40 years, and I've worked with so many parents that I felt a need to help parents and coach parents in this particular age group.

Molly Claire [00:04:28]:
What I love about this is so many things. I think it- first of all, it's such a natural direction for you to go in your coaching business, right, because of your experience and also just because of your heart for it. Because, you know, back when I was working as a teacher at your school, what I really loved about that experience is that there was such a focus on continuing our education as teachers and really taking seriously how we could help to, you know, cultivate brain development - right - and growth for these kids. Like, you know, we can think, 'oh, they're preschoolers. It's not a big deal.' But it's actually a big deal.

Molly Claire [00:05:12]:
Right. Those early childhood years are huge. So I love that you have such a passion for it. And where do you think that came from, by the way?

Tammie Williams [00:05:21]:
I think part of it is I just love to learn myself. And so my thirst for knowledge. And then, of course, working in this field, I wanted to tie learning, from a teaching standpoint, to teaching little children to learn. I think, also, too, I just have a natural gift, really, with young children. I started working in preschools when I was 16 years old, and I just, is just what it comes naturally to me. I would rather work with children than just about anything. I think they're so much fun to work with, and I think the preschool years are just magical years.

Tammie Williams [00:05:58]:
They make me laugh every day. I just crack up. I just love working with young children.

Molly Claire [00:06:02]:
Right. You just, you never know all the stories you hear, too.

Tammie Williams [00:06:07]:
Oh, so fun. So fun. And so I just think that there's such great years, and I also know from experience and being in the field so long that what happens in their preschool years sets that foundation for the rest of their lives. And people, I don't think, understand that as well. But I've seen it with my own eyes. I've had a front row to decades of how these children turned out and what parenting styles the parents had. And then I have had the opportunity to see a lot of these children later. You know, they've come back to visit or I've run into them in different capacities, and I've been able to watch this, and I just kind of want to share that with other people and, you know, help them understand how important these years are.

Tammie Williams [00:06:55]:
They really are life altering years in the direction you go with them.

Molly Claire [00:07:00]:
I mean, obviously. I mean, that's true. Right. And I agree. And I'll add to that, that as I think back, I feel really grateful for the experiences I had with my kids when they were younger and being able to facilitate so many experiences for them as their brain was developing. Because we both know- right- we all know when you have older kids, you just don't have as much influence and many things as your kids become teenagers are very much outside of your control.

Molly Claire [00:07:29]:
Right. And for me, just knowing that, I would always kind of anchor myself in I had these connections. We had this, you know, relationship then, and I created these experiences. So we just roll the dice and hope for the best.

Tammie Williams [00:07:43]:
That's right. That is right. They're still taking your guidance and they're still listening to you when they're young, so you want to influence them as much as you can during that time and hope a lot of that will stick as they move on to other things being more important.

Molly Claire [00:08:02]:
Yes. Yes. Absolutely. Okay. So I wanted to ask you. Oh, oh, this. I know what I was going to say. I was also thinking how I have often felt that the work that I was doing with preschoolers is very similar to the work that I do now with adults.

Molly Claire [00:08:20]:
Right. Because it's, it's brain development. Right. Development then and now we're really working with adults to help them develop new patterns and habits and create new neural pathways. So it's just. It's so similar. I think it's a lot of fun.

Tammie Williams [00:08:33]:
Yeah. I actually heard an example of this the other day that I thought was really good. It's kind of like when you're building a brand new house, and you decide where all the electrical outlets are going to be, and you're thinking, 'okay, I need one over here, I need one over there'. And then the house is finished. You move in, and you go, oh, my goodness, I wish I had put one over here and there. You can still put one there, but now you have to tear down part of the wall, and you have to run wires. It's just harder, but it can still be done. And I think that's a great comparison.

Tammie Williams [00:09:02]:
When you're working with preschool age children, the walls aren't up yet, so it's a lot easier to do that wiring. You can still do it later. It just takes a little more work.

Molly Claire [00:09:11]:
Yeah. And so I love that you're helping parents to maybe take down the walls. Right. And do what needs to be done so that they can really facilitate an easier experience for their kids.

Tammie Williams [00:09:24]:

Molly Claire [00:09:25]:
Yeah. Building something. Great. So tell me a little bit. Why do you think the work you're doing with parents, what do you think is the biggest value or benefits in really how that helps them, them with their kids in the preschool years?

Tammie Williams [00:09:40]:
I think what's happened is because we have so much technology, and the children and the parents are on their devices so much more than they ever used to be, what we're finding out from brain research is that children are not creating as many social, emotional, neural pathways as they used to because we're not having as many connections, and that's not lighting up that area of the brain and creating those pathways. And so a lot has changed, and children have changed. And what used to work doesn't work anymore. And this is true in the teaching field as well as the parenting field. And I have spent a lot of time, and when I was in grad school, I spent a lot of research on this because I wanted to find answers to help both my teachers and then, of course, the parents. And so I think what I really enjoy doing is helping parents find quick, easy solutions. We're all busy, we're all tired. We're all exhausted.

Tammie Williams [00:10:38]:
And parents don't have time to read books like they used to. I still love to read books, but they just want, you know, all right, somebody read the book and then tell me the cliff notes or, you know, give me a quick tip that will help or help me understand why they're doing this. They're, you know, driving me crazy. And what I want to do is just be that, you know, quick fix, let's do this, try this, and give them the answers so that they can have success quicker and move on rather than spend a lot of time energy trying to figure it out.

Molly Claire [00:11:09]:
Yes. Okay. I want to speak to this for a minute because this last week, actually, in master coach training, we've been talking about the value of quick wins with our clients.

Tammie Williams [00:11:19]:

Molly Claire [00:11:20]:
Because I think I know many of the coaches listening, many of you out there, you do cognitive work, you do emotion work, you do these deep transformations with your clients, which is amazing. And I think sometimes we believe that means some practical, tangible quick wins aren't very useful, but that is not true at all. And, in fact, I think when we can understand those easy tangibles and those quick wins and how they actually relate to the deeper work and kind of how to ebb and flow with different approaches, that's when we can be the most impactful.

Tammie Williams [00:11:58]:
I also think, Molly, it gives you kind of an endorphin rush when you have a success.

Molly Claire [00:12:02]:

Tammie Williams [00:12:03]:
And then you have something to carry you through some of the harder work.

Molly Claire [00:12:08]:
Yes, exactly. Right. Because it's like, I mean, I can't tell you how many coaches I've worked with when they're first starting, especially. And, you know, we, it's like we learn this concept that, you know, just telling someone what to do or they say, like coaching on the A line. Right. Just telling someone what to do is not the way to do it. Make sure you're looking at the thoughts and emotions.

Molly Claire [00:12:30]:
And I see the value in that because we don't want people to think that we just always have to be fixing circumstances around us. Right. We want to make space for the rest. And yet it's like when we have, for all of us, when we have success and wins, it teaches us maybe success is possible. Maybe I can do this. Right. So it's that rush and that excitement, and I think it also builds evidence for those beliefs we want to have.

Tammie Williams [00:13:00]:
Yeah. All right, so here is a classic example that we use in preschool. So when I was teaching children the belief that they could read, even before they really could read, I would have them bring in cutouts of foods or items that they knew the logo for, like Oreo cookies or their favorite cereal, and they would cut them out and we would make a book and we paste each of those little logos on a paper, and then I'd hold it up and I'll say, all right, let's read your book. And of course, they knew what everything was because they knew what that looked like. And they're like. I'm like, look at that you can read. You would not believe how much mileage I would get out of that. They would work so hard because they knew they could read now.

Tammie Williams [00:13:42]:
And I think just what you said, instilling that belief sometimes comes before the actual reality.

Molly Claire [00:13:49]:
Yes. Yes. Oh, my gosh, that's such a great example. And so I'm curious to know, because obviously, you have a lot of creativity in terms of how you've worked with your preschoolers and helped your teachers in that way. How does that creativity come into the work you're doing now as a coach with parents?

Tammie Williams [00:14:10]:
Well, a lot of it really is my experience. It's my 40 years of experience of working with parents and working with children that really helped me because I've worked with so many different cultures and different family dynamics and different everything that I have this huge repertoire of experiences to pull from, and that really helps me a lot as well. And then my own journey of building my own preschool from scratch has given me the fortitude to know I can do anything. I set my mind to it. So I've got my mindset, and then I have this whole bag of tricks and experience to help parents. And then I'm just a reader and a researcher, and so I kind of bring this whole different angles together. And that is how I feel like I'm so successful is because I've walked the walk, I've talked the talk, I've raised children, I've worked with children, I've been a parent. And that's so believable because I've been there.

Molly Claire [00:15:11]:
I get it.

Tammie Williams [00:15:12]:
You know, it's not like I'm trying to tell them something I've never done before or never experienced before. I've experienced it in a lot of different ways, and I think that's what helps me to be really successful as far as creativity goes. I've had a lot of practice at it because someone will bring a problem to me, and I have to think about, okay, so what's going on in the family? Why is this child doing that? And I just, you know, have to really think it through, and then I kind of just put it together like a package, like, oh, and it doesn't always work. I'll try one thing, and maybe I'll try another thing, and then, you know, the third thing will be it. So it's not for sure every time, but I've got enough experience that I can usually find a path through it at some point.

Molly Claire [00:15:56]:
Yeah. Yeah. Okay. So since you brought up kind of building your own business, I want to speak to that a little bit. I want to ask you some questions about your experience because I know that everyone listening, of course, has different experiences and circumstances. And I just am always excited to share a story of, right, building from scratch, making it through those, those hard times. So I want to, I want to speak to that. And then just so all of you know, listening, I want to then circle back and speak to how all of this has and is translating into Tammie building her business.

Molly Claire [00:16:34]:
Because I know many of you are at different places in your life and business. Some of you have had extensive experience with something like Tammie and now you are bringing that to a coaching business. And I know some of you have maybe not had as many experiences in an area. And so you feel you're building several things at once as you build your business. And so I say that because, no matter where each of you are in this path, there's going to be a lot of relevant things here that I'm going to tie together. So. Okay, so Tammie, so you built your, your preschool business from scratch. Just tell us a little about your story.

Tammie Williams [00:17:08]:
So I became a single mom when my children were three, five and seven. And at the time I had a preschool in my home. I started a preschool in my home two weeks after my first child was born because I wanted to be home with my children, but I needed to work and so I did all the advertising and everything ahead of time, took two weeks off after the baby is born. And then I just started up.At the time when I first started, I had about twelve children in my home by myself. And I just loved it. I was just in my element, you know, it was just great. But as my children grew, I grew my business a little bit and I changed it up a little bit to be more of a preschool, like a church preschool.

Tammie Williams [00:17:50]:
So children only came part time rather than full time childcare. And when I became a single parent, I wanted to go to college because that was one of the things I didn't get an opportunity to do. And I love learning and I wanted to go to college. So I started going to college while trying to expand my business, while being a single mom and taking care of my children. And it's one of those things that you just do because you just know it's the right thing to do. I just, I don't know how else to explain that. I just knew this is what I was supposed to do. I had a talent for it and I wanted to help others.

Tammie Williams [00:18:24]:
And so it took me about eight years to get my first two year degree. And then I just continued on, and I would just take a class or two a semester and just keep on trucking. And then when I graduated, I had two associates of applied science degrees, one in early childhood education, one in early childhood administration. So I got it in my mind that I wanted to take my business outside of my home so I could grow, because you can only watch so many children in your home legally. And so I started looking for how to get money, and I was still classified a low income single mom at this time. And I just went from bank to bank, and nobody would give me money. And they- some people were quite rude.

Tammie Williams [00:19:07]:
And I finally found this gentleman that worked for a, it was called Texas Certified Development Corporation. And what they do is they're loan packages for SBA loans, and they help people like myself get a loan to do great things. And so I brought my business plan. He set it aside, and he goes, 'Tell me why you really think you can do this'. Like, he didn't even look at my business plan. I worked really hard on that. But he goes, 'Just tell me why you think'.

Tammie Williams [00:19:37]:
And I told him, I told my story, and he goes, 'I believe you'. I go, great. He goes, now I'll look at your business plan. So anyway, so he helped me put together a package for an SBA loan, and I was able to purchase land, design a building, which I had in my head going all along, and I had to go to an architect, and I said, this is how it needs to be, and this is what it needs. He goes, I just don't have people so, you know, straight arrow on exactly what they want. I'm like, 'oh, yeah, I've been working in lots of preschool. I've been collecting ideas.'

Tammie Williams [00:20:05]:
And so I bought land, and I built a school that- I have never built anything before. And I just would learn one step, then go to the next step, then go the next step. And it's funny, because when I got my loan package, they said, 'well, take this to your lawyer. Have them look at it'. I didn't have a lawyer, and I couldn't afford a lawyer. So I went to the library for two days with a dictionary and looked up every word I didn't know and read through the documents and then just signed it and said, here goes. I mean, it was a leap of faith, but I just, I just knew in my gut that it was going to work.

Tammie Williams [00:20:37]:
And if I just worked hard enough, it would work. I had weird things happen. Like my architect says, 'Well, I don't think you know anything about building anything'. I'm like, 'Yeah, you're right'. He goes, 'I'll just go ahead and be your project manager'. I said, okay, that's great.

Molly Claire [00:20:48]:
Oh, I love it.

Tammie Williams [00:20:49]:
And so one day I was up at the school because my kids and I would go drive by it every once in a while while it was being built. And I said, something's not right. And I didn't know what it was, but, like, the wall didn't seem like it was in the right spot. So I called up mu architect, and I said, something's not right. And so he goes, well, meet me up there. So I went up there, and he goes, you're right. How'd you know that? I don't know. Like, I just knew it.

Tammie Williams [00:21:09]:
Like, it's just weird things that just, you know, help me keep going. So then I went to, like, garage sales and all kinds of low income ways to get more equipment, and my parents that were coming to my preschool in my home were all very supportive. They helped me do some fundraising because I had to get investors, and it was just quite- and I learned a lot. And I just learned enough to get to the next step, then learn enough to get the next step. And I built this beautiful new school from scratch, and we had a big grand opening. We had all the kids come and just do this big thing. It was just.

Tammie Williams [00:21:43]:
It was just so much fun. And I have to tell you one quick, funny story, though. Three days after we opened, all the toilets stopped working. And so I had, I called my architecture. I said, none of the toilets are working. And I was just so, you know, nervous because we'd only been over three days, and I wanted to make a great impression. And so he goes, well, I'm gonna have to have the city come out and take a look.

Tammie Williams [00:22:01]:
The city came out, and he goes, I need to talk to the owner. And it was so funny, I forgot I was the owner. I'm looking around, I'm like, oh, yeah, that's me. Because, you know, he's like, this new thing, and he goes, we need to step into your office. I'm like, oh, no. I'm in so much trouble. And so we stepped him off. He goes, I got to shut you down.

Tammie Williams [00:22:17]:
I'm like, you can't. I just opened, you know, you can't do this. And I said, what's the problem? He goes, well, they didn't hook up your sewer to the city sewer. And so what had happened is the people who had the property next to me that hadn't developed yet, it was their job to put the sewer line up to my property and they didn't put it in the right spot. So when my people came in to put the sewage in, they were in a different spot than the other ones. They didn't know to hook it up. So anyway, great story. My architect called a company that comes and sucks out sewer lines.

Tammie Williams [00:22:51]:
They sucked out of the sewer lines and we got it fixed and I didn't have to shut down. But anyway, wow. I mean there were just all kinds of crazy stuff like that, things you would never think of or would ever know. And I just kind of just kept dealing with them and you know, handling as they went. And my kids and I were the cleaning crew and my boys did the lawn care for me and it was just a family affair. My eleven year old son, he was eleven or twelve, he put together all the furniture we had to buy that had to be put together. And I mean, it was great. We all learned a lot.

Molly Claire [00:23:20]:
So incredible. Okay, I wanted, I want to dissect a few things from this because as people are listening, I think that it's easy to see. Well, first of all, I'll back up and say, when I first connected with you and your school, I was looking for a school for my son and I also wanted to be home with my kids and I wanted him to be in school and I really didn't have, we didn't have the money to pay for him to go to preschool, right. And so that's why I thought, well, I'll find a preschool where I can also work so I can kind of work this out and be with the kids and be with him and all of that. Right?So as I start looking, your school was, I mean it really was positioned as the premier school, right. This was, was not just oh, some little program you go to, but it's like if you want the best education, something really comprehensive, very elite, this is the school. And I think it's so cool to think about hearing this story, right, where you have twelve kids in your home and you had no education when you started. And then it's just like step by step, bit by bit and then having- and at the time when I looked not one, but two schools.

Tammie Williams [00:24:41]:
Well, in fact, your son and when you worked was my second school because, by demand, I ended up building another school in another city four years after I opened that school and I didn't even want to, I'm like, one's enough. Who needs two schools?

Molly Claire [00:24:55]:
Right? Right.

Tammie Williams [00:24:56]:
I was peer pressured by parents who were driving from the other city over to that school.

Molly Claire [00:25:01]:
It's, it's such a great story. And I think, also worth mentioning to all of you listening, because I know I can just say for me, when I hear someone like you that has just this incredible story of overcoming so much, and it's easy to think, oh, well, I'm not someone like her. She's obviously someone that's more determined or more driven or has more grit. But I think in truth, there is- I think that when we can choose to be inspired by someone like you, those of you listening, thinking, wow, if she can do it one step at a time, if she can have a conviction about something and make it happen, maybe I can, too. Because that's what's true. Right? That's what's true about it.

Tammie Williams [00:25:48]:
And, Molly, it goes back to that belief thing. You have to believe it. You just have to believe it. And then the reality will come. It's kind of like if you build it, they will come. I actually use that quote in my head a lot when I was going through this. If I build it, they will come. And six weeks after I built that school, I was completely full.

Tammie Williams [00:26:06]:
And I had done a lot of marketing and advertising beforehand. In fact, I was holding open houses at my home preschool months before I opened the school and enrolling people. But that's really what it is. It's about the belief system.

Molly Claire [00:26:22]:
You have to believe it.

Tammie Williams [00:26:24]:
I didn't know how was going to happen. I didn't know how I was going to do it, but I believed that I was going to do it.

Molly Claire [00:26:30]:
Yes. And I want to highlight something else here. Here, which is all those of you listening, that obviously the reason why you did marketing, you did the work. Right. And you obviously had a superior skill set, a superior service where people wanted what you had to offer.

Tammie Williams [00:26:52]:
Corect. I wanted to be the best. That was my desire.

Molly Claire [00:26:55]:
Yes. Yes. And so, and I, this is a big message that I want all of you coaches to get. You know, I preach this to my clients all day long. This is a core part of master coach training. When we're talking about, like, why are we building these skills? It's because I just am such a firm believer that when you lead with superior service and really you serve your clients at such a high level, people cannot help but refer to you, your business will grow and-.

Tammie Williams [00:27:23]:
And it will feel different to people.

Molly Claire [00:27:24]:
That's right. That's exactly right. It feels. It feels different. Yeah. Yeah.

Tammie Williams [00:27:31]:
And I went on to continue my education. I now have six degrees, three associate's degrees, a bachelor's degree and two master's degrees. So I just continued on because I just love learning. And I also, even though I had the experience, I wanted to back it up with a formal education so that I could be equally balanced in my formal education as I was in my experience.

Molly Claire [00:27:56]:
Mmm. I love it. Love it. Okay.

Tammie Williams [00:27:58]:
And I think any industry you're in, you have to continue to learn because it changes.

Molly Claire [00:28:02]:
Absolutely. I mean, and I think that just that commitment to continuing your education and learning more is, I think as coaches, at least, it's the way we kind of lead the way for our clients. Right. Because as we're learning and evolving, we kind of set an example of that and, and we're just able to deliver what's new. Our brains are changing, like you said, right? Our brains are changing generation by generation, and every single day. Yeah, yeah. Okay, so, so as we start to wrap up this interview a little bit, and then, of course, Tammie's going to share her information and how you can find her, especially if you have preschoolers or, you know, someone that does.

Molly Claire [00:28:47]:
Tammie is definitely the one to go to, so she's going to share that here shortly. But I want to speak really quickly to, you know, you and I have, have come together because, of course, you reached out to me wanting guidance with your business, and it's a very different experience working with you at this stage of your life and setting up this business, because you've already built a lot of belief and experience. So it's almost like, as we're working, I'm giving you guidance on the foundations of this type of business. But all of that work and belief and strength, it just kind of transfers over in this beautiful way.

Tammie Williams [00:29:30]:
Yes. And it's interesting because, I mean, you know, obviously, to have worked in this field for 40 years, I'm a little bit older, and I am still a little bit stuck in the low technology arena, and doing it this way requires so much more technology. That's my first problem. Not that I can't learn it, I can. It's a new arena in the logistics of it. Not so much my message, but in the way I'm delivering it. Because before, I just would have parents come into my office and we just sit down and have a chat, and now I'm setting it up for- and people would come to me because there's a problem at the preschool.

Tammie Williams [00:30:09]:
They're, you know, they want to know how to potty train their two year old or whatever. But now I'm doing in a completely different format. Even though I have the knowledge, information, I don't know how to do that. It's just like building that building. I didn't know how to do it. And so for me, I'm like, oh, but Molly does. So I reached out to Molly, said, Molly, I'm going to take all my information and experience from my preschool and now I want to do it online as a coach, can you help me with that? I know that I could spend a lot of time spinning my wheels or I could go to somebody who already knows how to do the part that I don't know how to do. And that has been fabulous.

Tammie Williams [00:30:48]:
That has saved me a lot of time and helped me out so much because I don't know how to do it this way.

Molly Claire [00:30:55]:
That's right. Yeah.

Tammie Williams [00:30:56]:
I need a guide, I need a mentor, I need a coach to help me get to be the best at doing it this way.

Molly Claire [00:31:05]:
Yes. Yeah.

Tammie Williams [00:31:07]:
I mean, it's been really helpful.

Molly Claire [00:31:08]:
Well, I'm so glad. And I think that it's, it's, it's true. It's like you can either spend time or money to move something forward. Right. And it's usually some combination of both.

Tammie Williams [00:31:20]:

Molly Claire [00:31:20]:
And, and I think that that's what's been so fun about working with you. And it's, I enjoy working with people who are also in a different stage where they're maybe building more of those skills at the same time as their business, whereas you've kind of built some of those skills already. But I just, I want to highlight this because for those of you listening, and if you're a coach and you're thinking, well, she has all of this experience and I have to have all of that before I can succeed in my business or before I can start. It's not true. Right? It's not true because no matter where you are, you can always, always build those skills. And for, for someone like you, Tammie, it's, it's like your business is going to come together a little bit more quickly just because you've had-

Tammie Williams [00:32:06]:
Connections and resources and things like that. But I really want to reiterate what you're saying. I have done so many things that I had no idea how to do.

Molly Claire [00:32:16]:
That's right.

Tammie Williams [00:32:18]:
You just take one step, then you go to the next step, then you go to the next step. It's a journey. And along the journey, you're learning and you're growing and you're meeting interesting people and it is a part of your life's journey. Even if I didn't coach parents or have very many people to work with. The process of me becoming a coach has been very valuable and it has been an awesome experience and I've met so many great people. And so I look at it like this is my life experience and I don't know where it's going to take me, but I'm excited to see where I go.

Molly Claire [00:32:56]:
Oh, my gosh.

Tammie Williams [00:32:57]:
I don't have to have the answers now. I just have to be willing to take the journey.

Molly Claire [00:33:02]:
Yes. Yes, that's right. Oh, my gosh. Okay. This has been such a great interview. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with just all of this. And for people who have preschoolers or know people that do give us your pitch, tell us what, what they need to know from you and where they can find you.

Tammie Williams [00:33:23]:
First of all, my website is and that's T-a-m-m-i-e. The longest way you can spell Tammie because I like to do everything hard. I don't know.

Molly Claire [00:33:36]:
And we'll have all this in the show notes as well for all of you.

Tammie Williams [00:33:40]:
So. But really what my goal is, and this is truly from my heart, is I love helping parents and making parenting easier for them. I want to be able to make it simple and easy. I have a special right now. I have a parenting library that you can purchase for $29.99 and get a year subscription. And it has all these quick tips, seven minutes or less, of things that, you know, like give me some quick tips on potty training or how do I look for a good school? Or is my, how do I get my child ready for kindergarten? Questions that people ask me all the time. I put this library so people can just go there and get the answers and have these quick tip libraries. Or it might bring up something that you're like, I really need help with this.

Tammie Williams [00:34:28]:
And then I can do some one on one coaching and help you through that. So. But my specialty is two through six year olds. Those are what we consider the preschool age, you know, span. I can help a little bit with somebody, a little bit beyond that or a little bit ahead of that, but that's really my specialty. But also, too, it's instilling confidence in parents and say, you've got this. You can do this.

Molly Claire [00:34:50]:

Tammie Williams [00:34:50]:
You know, you just need a little bit of knowledge and you'll be fine. It is really fun when you learn a few tricks, how easy it works, like, for instance, making choices, like giving children choices. I'll be walking down the hallway in the preschool and this child won't sit down where the teacher wants her to sit. And I'll just, I'll be walking by and say, you can sit here, over there and just keep on walking. And she'll like, think and make a choice and sit there like. And the teacher's like, how do you do that? It's because, you know, you just need a quick thought idea that a trick that works. And it works almost every time. My granddaughter was throwing cards all over the living room and the whole family was sitting around.

Tammie Williams [00:35:30]:
We're like, you know, you need to pick up your cards. And she just looked at you, smiled with that cute little three year old smile, and I said, hey, do you want to pick up the cards really fast or really slow? And she goes, fast. I'm like, okay, go. And she forgot all about being defiant and not wanting to pick up the cards. It's just that easy. And I want to help all the parents have an easier time with parenting so they can have more fun instead of stress.

Molly Claire [00:35:53]:
Oh, thank. And we all need that, right? And it's parenting is. It's hard enough. There are enough challenges. The more things that can become easy, the better.

Tammie Williams [00:36:02]:
Yes, yes.

Molly Claire [00:36:02]:
And your parenting library has stuff from you and also some experts contributing to. Yes.

Tammie Williams [00:36:07]:
Yes, Molly, they do. Molly is going to be a contributor. So I have it in three sections. There's the basics and then there's the core topics, which are just things that people ask me all the time. And then I have a guest section with guests from people who specialize in other things that relate to parenting. And I've got some really great guests coming on there. I don't want to mention them yet because I want to make sure I have them first. I'm still waiting for some of the stuff to come in, and it will be the guest section.

Tammie Williams [00:36:38]:
I'm really excited because I think there's enough variety there. That'll be something for everybody.

Molly Claire [00:36:42]:
Yeah, yeah. Incredible. And part of the reason I mentioned that, of course, is I have a contribution there and I know some of the people that are contributing and they're really. So you guys make sure to check it out.

Tammie Williams [00:36:53]:
She has introduced me to some great people once again. That has been so much fun in this journey, is meeting new people, doing interesting things. I can talk to them for hours. I mean, it's just so fun.

Molly Claire [00:37:05]:
This is amazing. Okay, well, thank you so much, tammy, for your interview. And we'll have all this information in the show notes for you, and I'll talk with you all next week. Thanks again, Tammie.

Tammie Williams [00:37:17]:
All right, thanks Molly. We'll see you soon.

Molly Claire [00:37:19]:
Bye bye bye.

Voice Over [00:37:21]:
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