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Coaching moms on parenting kids who are not like you

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Molly Claire interviewed Meg Kuhnle about coaching for moms who are parenting children who are not like you. On the podcast graphic are two side by side images, one is of Molly in a light blue button down top that is rolled up to her elbows, Molly is making a heart shape with her hands and smiling. The other photo is of Meg who is wearing a green top, she has her blonde hair down and is smiling. There is the podcast logo at the top of the page and the title of the episode below the two pictures.

Coaching Moms to navigate parenting when your kid is not like you is Meg's Specialty

Parenting isn't a one-size-fits-all journey. Each child is unique, and often, parents find themselves navigating the challenge of parenting a child who is nothing like them. Coaching for moms to navigate this territory and address these differences is an invaluable option.

Building a Safe Community for your coaching clients

Meg is one of Molly's coaching clients and is so grateful for the supportive community Molly has created. Meg brings this community, which provides a "soft landing" where individuals can grow without external pressures, into her coaching for moms. It is important to create a safe space where clients feel relaxed and confident so that they can have true growth.

Understanding Parenting Challenges

There are specific challenges moms face when their children are very different from them. There are common worries among moms, such as maintaining a good relationship and having enough skills to support their children effectively. Moms care so much for their kids and want the best for them, often making them feel pressured to "fix" their kids in the interest of their well-being.

Embracing Acceptance and Gentleness

Meg advocates for a gentle approach, encouraging moms to accept their feelings and gain a better understanding of why they feel certain ways about certain behaviors from their children. When moms can accept how they are feeling and create space to reflect on the situation, it can significantly reduce the impulse to control or change their children's actions.

The Impact of Support

When Moms are able to slow down and reflect on their more challenging interactions with their children, they may realize different pressures or expectations they are putting on their children to fit a certain mold. By stepping back and allowing their children to be themselves, moms can foster a more supportive and encouraging environment, leading to a stronger parent-child relationship.

Coaching Moms: Tapping Into Calmness

In her coaching practice, Meg offers free weekly tapping sessions for moms. These 15-minute sessions aim to help moms relax and take the edge off, especially during the summer when parenting can be particularly challenging. Sign up for this wonderful opportunity here.

More strategies for supporting Moms

Final Thoughts and Wisdom

Three key steps for moms facing the challenge of parenting children different from themselves:

1. Own It: Understand and accept why this difference is a challenge for you.

2. Slow Down: Take the time to reflect on how you want to show up in this space and bring compassion to the situation.

3. Explore Possibilities: Think about various ways to bridge the gap between you and your child, acknowledging that there is no single solution.

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Meg is a mom of 3 kids within 4 years, wife, certified life coach, fitness enthusiast, and is passionate about helping other moms show up as the parent & woman they want to be. She focuses on helping moms navigate the unique journeys of all children, no matter their abilities or needs.

Meg invites listeners to a one-on-one starting point session, where she helps moms better understand their situation and develop a plan for improving their relationship with their children. She emphasizes the value of coaching and the profound impact it can have not just on the moms but on their entire family.

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